Why a roadshow

At EMS, we do things differently. We don't focus on the truck - we focus on your objectives and the experience you want to create. Marketing roadshow trucks are just the way we do that, because the spaces you can create are completely immersive and most importantly, mobile, so it can be taken directly to your target audience, wherever they are located. Brands are in control of their customer's experience, which is without the noise of competitors or distractions. They are completely immersed in your brand message in a way that can't be replicated online. 

We believe in roadshow marketing, and this is why...

5 Benefits of Roadshow Trucks

There are many different benefits of hitting the road with a branded roadshow - but we've picked out the top 5.

Go Direct

You have the ability to go directly to your audience with your product at their convenience. There's no need for them to travel and you can reach more decision-makers than ever before


Every event has the same consistent brand message and experience, meaning their quality isn't compromised and every person that enters the truck feels equally important

Cost effective​

The interior fit-out is designed and built to last and can be interchangeable, so you pay once for potentially hundreds of event days - better for your budget and the environment

Safe & Controlled Environment

Now more than ever, our roadshow trucks are cleaned and inspected internally. You control the amount of people on-board at once and it is thoroughly cleaned after each use

Reduced Internal Management Time

Due to the consistent roadshow format, there is less management time needed. Plus, the EMS team can help every step of the roadshow process, so your team can focus on their day job

Our roadshows are reaching C-level executives that we’ve never been able to engage before.

Dräger – EMS Client

Why choose EMS?

When looking for a roadshow truck supplier, we recommend always understanding fully what services they provide and whether that is included in their initial quotes. EMS provides a full end-to-end service, everything that is needed for a successful roadshow.


We take the time to understand your business, work on audience generation and sales promotion strategies with you


We continually evaluate how the space is being used so the customer experience is optimised​


​We work closely with our network of partners across EMEA, to take the stress out of border crossings for you ​


An expert team book all your sites using our international site database ​that meet your requirements and objectives


We advise on the best way to measure your return on investment and provide weekly dashboards ​


We are open and transparent in our budgeting and there are no hidden costs. You will receive monthly budget updates

Have a few questions?

We'd love to have a chat and answer any questions you have about our services, the roadshow process or how we can help you. Or, take a look at our FAQs.

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