Smart Technology Roadshows

From connected home devices to whole cities designed to be smarter, in recent years the smart technology sector has grown exponentially. More and more products are being launched in order to make our lives easier and simpler, resulting in huge opportunities for businesses across EMEA.

We've helped many brands solve their business challenges - take a look below how our smart technology roadshow truck ideas could help yours.

Benefits of Using a Roadshow Truck in the Smart Technology industry

Here are three key reasons you should be considering a roadshow truck for your next smart technology campaign.


Give live demonstrations of how the products integrate into their daily life

Educate Consumers

Use a familiar home setting to inspire and reassure the public about the potential of smart technology

Train Staff

Take the products directly to retailers and employees to increase message retention and increase sales

77% have some knowledge of smart home technology, but only 10% of people ‘know a lot’ about it

This is relatively low when compared to mobile payments where in-depth knowledge is twice as high

95% of visitors are more likely to purchase a Bosch product following the tour visit

Bosch Smart Living

Leading global supplier of technology and services, The Bosch Group came to EMS when they wanted to bring together their four key divisions for the first time to tell the Smart Living story. By designing an experience that looked and felt like a home and garden, we could incorporate products from each of the smart divisions; Bosch Home Appliances, PowerTools, Worcester Bosch and Smart Homes. 

This enabled Bosch to get face-to-face with their UK consumers and show them what products they offer and demonstrate how they can make their lives easier through smarter living.

95% felt their interest in the Dräger product range increased following the event


International leader of medical and safety technology Dräger has run roadshow tours across both India and Europe. So, when they wanted to reconnect with customers and increase awareness in the Middle East, they knew a roadshow truck was their best option.

However, with their current trucks built to European standards not to Middle Eastern specification and their current operator unable to manage the logistics in the GCC, Dräger came to us. As the only roadshow provider in MENA and decades of experience and knowledge of doing business in the region, EMS were the perfect partner.

Our Smart Technology Tours

80% of users say live brand experiences and samples help define purchase decision

And 70% of become regular customers after an experiential event

98% of visitors would now recommend Grohe to a colleague or friend


When the world's leading provider of sanitary fittings Grohe wanted to take their products in to MENA and exploit the growth of the smart homes market, they knew face-to-face was the only option. With the latest smart technology for the bathroom, Grohe wanted to go directly to their key customers within the region - so having an experienced partner was key.

With over a decade of experience, EMS carefully selected event locations and managed each stage of the roadshow, so the Grohe team could focus on having high quality conversations with customers.

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