Health Education Roadshows

Health education awareness campaigns are a communication tool used to provide the public with an understanding of important information using face-to-face methods.

Roadshow truck tours have played a key role in health education awareness campaigns for decades. From stop smoking campaigns, to cervical cancer awareness - we have helped organisations educate the public by going directly to city centres, shopping parks and supermarkets, targeting maximum numbers.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, statistics show that people are avoiding hospitals and doctors during this time. A safe environment and a consistent message is needed to educate the public on a number of non-COVID-related health issues, to raise awareness of symptoms and causes.

If you have a demographic that you need to urgently reach - get in touch to see how we could help create a consistent and accessible roadshow experience.

Benefits of a Roadshow for Health Education Awareness Campaigns

Here are three key reasons you should be considering a roadshow truck for your next health education marketing campaign.

Cut-Through Digital

Social media is over saturated with digital marketing campaigns. A roadshow truck could park in community locations and be put directly in front of your target audience with a hard to miss message.

Flexibility to Re-Route

A roadshow truck can be re-directed to a different location if a lockdown occurs, minimising the distruption to your marketing activity.

Strategic Targeting

Due to the agility of roadshows, we have helped organisations strategically target high risk demographics and hard to reach individuals with a consistent and memorable message.

British Heart Foundation

The BHF needed reach out to those most at risk to educate and deliver one to one lifestyle checks. The award-winning campaign ran for 3 years, targeting at-risk areas.

The Heart Health roadshow;

  • Connected with over 79,750 people face-to-face
  • BHF Heart Health Advisors delivered over 39,800 one-to-one lifestyle checks

This was a far-reaching campaign with extremely ambitious objectives. We wanted to reach right into the heart of at risk communities and catch people before they realise they had a problem. Choosing the right partner for such an important campaign was critical. EMS proved their credentials with the hugely successful pilot tour, and they were an integral partner in developing the campaign.

Project Manger at The British Heart Foundation

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Part of their national campaign ‘Eradicate Cervical Cancer’, JCCT wanted to reach out to areas of low uptake on cervical screening. Roadshow Ambassadors educated women on the signs and symptoms, raising awareness of cervical cancer and abnormalities.

The Cervix Savvy roadshow;

  • Provided face-to-face help and support to over 9,063 members of the public
  • Handed out over 13,000 information travel wallets
  • Travelled to 34 cities across the country in areas where the cervical screening attendance is low

We had an exceptional 4 months with some of the best engagement rates we have ever seen and many material orders than ever before.

Claire Cohen - Head of Health Information and Engagement

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK wanted to educate the public so they could take steps in avoiding the development the condition. The charity also wanted to raise awareness of the signs, causes and effects of the condition.

The ‘Measure Up’ roadshow;

  • Tested 6741 people in 21 cities
  • Referred at least 1 visitor from every show directly to a hospital following blood glucose results
  • Won 3 national marketing awards

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