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When launching a new product range, making sure your sales staff and distributors are trained and engaged in the brand is key. But for many, making sure your customers are trained on products is also high on the agenda. Consumers are increasingly wanting to purchase the latest gadget, particularly in the fast-growing smart technology sector. But, studies suggest that many are unable to use them.

Our roadshow programs can not only train staff to pass on knowledge, but also go directly to consumers by running live demo events. Take a look below how our sales and product roadshow tours have helped our clients.

Benefits of using a roadshow truck for sales / product training

Here are three key reasons you should be considering a roadshow truck for your next sales / product training campaign.


Give employees live demonstrations of how the products work and the benefits versus other brands


Experiential learning is proven to increase retention. So, when sales staff at retailers are selling, they are more likely to remember information on the products


You can hold training, B2C and B2B events on-board the branded truck, to ensure the best possible ROI

83% delegates now extremely / very confident in selling a NEFF product

NEFF Mobile Training Academy

Making white goods stand out from the crowd is never an easy task. For NEFF, the answer had typically been ensuring trading partners were the first people to buy-in to the quality of its products by experiencing their benefits first-hand before sharing their positive experiences with customers. But with a major academy refurbishment coinciding with the launch of their biggest product range to date, NEFF needed a way to take hands-on product training straight to their sales staff and retail partners.

The multi-award winning Mobile Training Academy (MTA) was born, including a fully equipped show kitchen to reach multiple audiences across the UK over the course of two years. And as an added bonus, the mobile unit could also serve a dual purpose of both partner training and customer engagement, by opening its doors to the public as part of the launch campaign itself.

“The MTA has helped us conquer two substantial commercial challenges faced during a major product launch. First of all, we’ve immersed retail staff across the UK in our products, giving them the tools to confidently recommend NEFF to customers, and secondly, we’ve enhanced consumer perceptions of the brand through building powerful and positive experiences. We were confident in the agency’s ability to meet our objectives, and encouraged by its transparent approach to building relationships. What we didn’t realise was by how much it would exceed our expectations – from the attendance numbers, to the professional designs and the regular advice. The MTA has provided a level of value to NEFF that couldn’t have been matched via any other platform.”

Andrew Jones, Marketing Director of BSH Home Appliances

Our Sales and Product Training Tours

9 Year program that continues to tour the globe

Parker Instrumentation

Parker make instrumentation for a range of different industries, from construction to aerospace to the energy business. They offer their customers the kind of high-end assurance that demands a face-to-face approach. 

We created an immersive mobile exhibition, that enabled Parker to give effective hands-on demonstrations of their specialised instrumentation products.

74% highly likely recommend Bosch product to a customer

Bosch Mobile Training Lab

Training retailers through live demonstrations was a vital part of Bosch’s strategy, particularly when they had brand new products to launch. So, when their training academy was undergoing major refurbishments they needed to reach their sales staff and retail partners in an alternative way.

With over 25 home appliances on-board, we thought both practically and creatively to ensure each product was shown in the best possible light. And, as the truck went directly to the distribution sites and retail outlets, impact to their day was minimal as they could visit the experience throughout the day.

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