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Product demonstration roadshows take new products on the road in a specially manufactured marketing vehicle. When launching a new product, there's no better way than taking it directly to your audience, showing them how it works and its USP's. From highly complex network technology, to the latest Smart TV - we have designed experiences that immerse and engage both B2B and B2C visitors across EMEA. 

Take a look at how our product demonstration roadshow tour ideas have helped clients meet their business objectives.

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According to 80% of attendants, live demonstrations significantly help define their purchasing decision

98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation

Benefits of using a roadshow truck for product demonstration tours

Here are three key reasons you should be considering a roadshow truck for your next product demonstration activation.

Go Direct

Take your working products directly to your target audiences, showing them the benefits and USPs face to face

Safety transport equipment

Particularly when products are large, heavy, complex and expensive - the safe transportation is key, something that can be guaranteed in a roadshow truck.


You can hold B2B, B2C and training events on-board the branded truck, to ensure the best possible ROI.

EMS has provided RS Components with the perfect gateway to target markets across Germany. Their expertise in the region made them the obvious choice to partner with for this tour and will allow us to bring that personal touch to our customer outreach.

James Howarth, Head of Education Strategy EMEA at RS Components

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