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With Clinicians and hospital administration resources under extreme pressure and time constraints, it can be hugely beneficial to take your products and services directly to them. It reduces down their time investment and in turn increases uptake and engagement. 

We've helped our med tech clients take their large and complex equipment across EMEA and enabled them to capitalise on the lucrative growing markets by engaging with C-Level decision makers face-to-face.

Benefits of using a roadshow truck in med tech industry

Here are the three key reasons you should be considering a roadshow truck for your next medical technology campaign.

Go direct

Time-poor clinicians can be hard to reach, you can take your live product demos directly to them.

Safely transport equipment

Medical technology can be large, heavy, complex and expensive - meaning the safe transportation is key, something that can be guaranteed in a roadshow truck.

Fully compliant

In an increasingly regulated industry you can take a 5* experience to your audience without breaching any codes.

Self-liquidating within 1 month of being on the road

AB Sciex

Familiar with the roadshow training method, Sciex wanted to replicate their highly successful North American tour with their European clients. The MASStastic Voyage mobile laboratory needed to cover multiple key topics and feature fully-functional mass spectrometry equipment for live demos.

We created an experience that took visitors on a journey of Sciex’s history to present day showcases of their latest complex and fully functioning mass spectrometry equipment. Experts in the field were able to show demos, run samples and provide the scientists and lab personnel with useful tips.

“Because of the sweeping changes in Europe, the interest in advanced LC/MS/MS solutions expanded quickly across the continent, but not everyone can come to a SCIEX event or a major trade show, so we took a next-generation lab to them with our European MASStastic Voyage. We were able to show demos, run samples, talk about the data in depth and give scientists and applied market lab personnel useful tips on how to improve their analyses.”

Fedja Bobanovic, Vice President of EMEA Sales & Support, AB SCIEX.
87% of visitors said Ortho products were superior or equal to their competitors

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

When launching large and complex med tech equipment, conducting demonstrations efficiently and effectively is key. So when in vitro diagnostics company Ortho Clinical Diagnostics were launching new equipment for blood testing – they knew they had to go directly to their target audiences.

The multi-truck campaign consisted of a Transfusion Medicine suite and Clinical Laboratory. They reached thousands of key customers and were a vital tool for the business to provide live product demonstrations in new and hard to reach markets. The flexible multi-purpose exhibition space was effective in hospitals, trade shows and customer sites across EMEA.

The IoMT market was valued at $41.2 billion in 2017 and is expected to rise to $158.1 billion in 2022

The connected medical devices segment of the IoMT is expected to rise from $14.9 billion in 2017 to $52.2 billion by 2022

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