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From the production to the delivery of products, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been improving the agility, safety and efficiency of businesses on a scale we've never seen before.

This digital disruption has seen exponential growth, with the global market size of industrial robotics forecast to increase to 18.62 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. But that will only be achieved if people understand the benefits and how the technology fits in with their business.

Roadshows are marketing events used by the industry to take this complex equipment and illustrate face-to-face with key customers how the technology can transform their business.

Almost a third of manufacturing businesses cite ‘lack of technology know-how’ as one of the biggest challenges they face when seeking to adopt new technologies

Despite 74 per cent of scaling manufacturing businesses admit wanting to invest in new physical equipment and machinery

99% of visitors felt their interest in the Dräger product range increased following the roadshow


With their fixed experience centre becoming increasingly costly and visitor numbers dropping, Dräger needed an alternative way to reach their key customers.

With a fully branded mobile experience, Dräger are now able to take their products directly to key customer sites and exhibitions. They've recently launched their third roadshow truck with EMS, due to the amazing feedback and results they've achieved.

“The positive feedback from customers throughout our tour across the Middle East demonstrated the value of bringing our solutions to them directly. Not only were we able to strengthen relationships with existing contacts, but the tour allowed us to connect with potential new customers and expand our presence in those target regions. We now want to continue the momentum created in the Middle East, and have identified an opportunity to capitalise on this same approach across our key markets in Europe – tapping into the growing market trend towards connected solutions. We have no doubt that EMS’ experience in designing and managing tours across the continent will once again help us reach our target audiences and strengthen customer engagement.”

Thomas Engler, CEO Dräger Europe

Benefits of Using a Roadshow Truck in the Industrial Automation Industry

Here are three key reasons you should be considering a roadshow truck for your next Industry 4.0 campaign.


From remote factories to head offices, you can take the same consistent experience to key targets.


Give live demonstrations of how the products can improve and integrate in to their business.

Safely Transport Equipment

Safe transportation can be guaranteed for often large, heavy, complex and expensive products.

$16m Estimated total lead value generated over 5 years of roadshow events


Parker Motion Systems wanted to create a stand-out experience at public tradeshows and private events. They needed a truck that was practically suitable for a range of sites, but also large enough to hold events, demonstrations and seminars on-board.

The roadshow has become a vital tool in the sales process, with just 7 weeks of truck activity bringing in the the equivalent amount of business as 1 sales person for 12 months. 

"We’ve been taking our products on the road since 2007 - getting face-to-face with our target audience via a sophisticated exhibition vehicle. It’s been a huge success, EMS have created a truly ‘mobile’ engaging experience that has the real wow factor. They have helped us travel huge distances across Europe and the Middle East, there is no substitute - our customers love it!"

Parker Hannifin Marketing Team
2,300 highly targeted visitors within the first month of the tour

RS Components

RS Components' wanted to bring together products from it's partners within one mobile experience.

EMS designed a truck with an interchangeable interior which enables 22 brands to feature on board during events. Each advertising space showcases the individual branded products which are on display and available for demos, with brands including Siemens and 3M.

"EMS has provided RS Components with the perfect gateway to target markets across Germany. Their expertise in the region made them the obvious choice to partner with for this tour and will allow us to bring that personal touch to our customer outreach."

James Howarth, Head of Education Strategy EMEA at RS Components

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