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As the Millennial generation filter through in to the workplace, employee expectations are beginning to change. So, to attract the best talent, businesses are recognising that engaging with graduates and highlighting what makes them different - is key. 

EMS have been helping our clients engage with students and graduates for over a decade and recognise what it takes to create a memorable experience that can change perceptions and inspire the younger generations. For graduate recruitment roadshow truck tour ideas, see our case studies, below.

By 2020 Millennials will make up over a third of the global workforce

It's the ideal time for employers to take a fresh look at their people strategies in order to attract, retain and develop the next generation of workers

Over 1 Million Students and parents engaged to date

Inspiring a generation

The Student Finance roadshow has run for over four years and continues to educate 16-18 year olds and their parents so they can make an informed decision about their future.

With over 1 million people engaged with so far, the schools roadshow - which is the largest of its kind in Europe - utilises a peer-to-peer strategy. Armed with a presentation filled with personal University experiences and Government information on finances, Graduates visit schools and colleges across the country with the aim of inspiring the next generation of workers.

Benefits of using a roadshow truck for graduate recruitment

Here are three key reasons you should be considering a roadshow truck for your next graduate recruitment campaign.

Go directly to campus'

Raise awareness of your brand and graduate schemes by going to Colleges and Universities and engaging with students

No noise

Eliminate the "noise" of busy student fairs filled with other businesses and be a disrupter by holding your own fully branded roadshow event

Long-term rewards

Strengthen relationships with Universities and Colleges and build a pipeline of future applicants with students

Over 3,600 graduate recruits engaged

Smarter Recruitment

The goal for the roadshow tour was to reach academics and students face-to-face. The experience needed to introduce the skills and technology required for a Smarter Planet, so they could be competitive in tomorrow's world. 

Partnering with the world's leading experiential agency, we designed a multi-zone experience where candidates were able to interact with a variety of smart devices and get advice from IBM experts on everything from IoT to career advice. As the tour was visiting university campuses across EMEA, the 'skills truck' also had a job zone to help IBM recruit the best graduates on-board.

74% of Millennials say live events help them gain perspective beyond what they read online

Even this tech-savvy group knows that online interaction can’t replace face-to-face experiences

39% positive shift following the roadshow

Changing perceptions

After conducting a major research piece in to the demographics of university students, the Government needed a way of reaching high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds. And, with a target of increasing the figure by 10%, they needed their communication methods to be clear, effective and efficient.

We designed a fully immersive experience that disrupted the routine of the average school-day. The roadshow experience used peer-to-peer learning, with recent graduates from the local areas employed to educate and inspire the high school students. With 5 trucks running for over 9 years in England, the exploration hub reached over 1 million students, focusing on their current interests and channelling them in to possible further education paths or career goals.

How can we help?

Like other generations, Millennials want to be appreciated and learn more in order to progress. Take a look how we've helped brands engage with their employees. Or, if you have any questions about roadshows get in touch with our expert team.

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