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Engaging and communicating with employees is instrumental for any business - but doing it effectively and efficiently is key. By creating an immersive roadshow experience, the events are both memorable and consistent. So whether you have employees across the country or the globe, every single one will get the same positive disruption.

EMS work with brands to ensure there is minimum impact on the working day, so business is unaffected. See how some of our clients have benefited from the delivery of our employee engagement roadshow ideas.

77% had better understanding of Allianz' business objectives following the experience


When insurance giant Allianz wanted to gain a competitive advantage and grow as a business, they knew the most effective way of doing that was to ensure their employees were fully on board.

Inspired by the brand’s sponsorship activities, we designed the ‘Allianz TV’ studio experience and to ensure all results were measured, we created interactive voting buttons so all employee feedback could be reported on. Following the roadshow, the Allianz TV concept was rolled out across the business as an internal communication method.

Allianz TV Roadshow

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“The overall experience has not only been well received by all those who attended, but it has played a vitally important role in helping the whole business gain a deeper understanding of our values and what Allianz stands for. I’m delighted to have been part of the Allianz TV Outside Broadcast experience and the fantastic results it’s delivered as part of our ongoing commitment to employee engagement.”

David Radford, Brand Director at Allianz

Benefits of using a roadshow truck for employee engagement

Here are three key reasons you should be considering a roadshow truck for your next internal communication activation.

Direct to employees

Take the same consistent experience to the employees, whether they are based in offices or construction sites

Minimal Disruption

With no travel needed, employees only need a short time away from their work, saving you valuable time and costs

24/7 Work Cycle

The experience can be tailored to your business, the sessions can work around you and your employees

Experiential learning can increase retention by up to 75%

Studies have shown that learning through experience also increases learning quality.

Over 7,000 fewer health and safety related sick days reported the year after the roadshow

Royal Mail

From front line depot staff to the delivery men and women on the street, the Royal Mail does a complex and important job that is not without risks.

They asked us to help them raise health and safety awareness among employees to reduce the annual number of accidents. The roadshow also needed to compliment their demanding 24/7 work cycle.

“Improving our safety record is the number one priority within Royal Mail and the training truck has been a helpful part of a large programme aiding us to deliver this. EMS have been an excellent partner on the project, ensuring every detail was right despite the logistical challenges of such an intensive programme.”

Ninian Wilson, Operations Director at Royal Mail
93% of employees said they would now happily recommended Sky HD to their family and friends


TV is changing – ever better, ever brighter, with High Definition picture, cinema quality surround-sound and spectacular 3D. Sky wanted to get their sales team excited about the latest products and services, so they asked us to build them an unforgettable experience.

We took their people through a fully immersive and interactive entertainment experience. It showcased what the latest products and technology could do and shared with them a personal video message from the CEO.

“EMS helped us to create a truly immersive experience that allowed Sky people to feel for themselves the power of HD, first-hand. Using a mobile solution also helped us to maximise the number of people we could reach - by taking the experience directly to them and organising the schedule around their working day.”

Event Team at Avivo for Sky

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