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What We Do

We design and manage a fleet of roadshow trucks that take amazing branded experiences right to the audience. From marketing to education to entertainment, with our exhibition trailers we connect people in a way that no other communication channel can.

Technical Expertise

We do roadshow trucks and we do them exceptionally well. We have a large fleet of event trailers built to the highest specifications and we have a team of experts that make sure they always run in first class condition. They are our core business, our flagships and the pride of our organisation.

Inspiring Ideas

It’s not all about the roadshow truck – with live performances, demonstrations, new technologies and human interaction, there is always a new and better way to tell your story. We push the creative boundaries so that you can achieve your goal.

Real Results

Amazing things happen face to face – When people see, they believe; when they meet, they trust and when they engage they learn. Our philosophy is to bring technical expertise and inspiring ideas together around people. It’s simple, it works for us and we can make it work for you.


People are the heart of everything we do. It’s about you and your audience, whether they are customers, colleagues or consumers. Our team works alongside you to create unforgettable roadshow events experiences, ensuring that your message connects with the right people in the right way, every time.


Logistics is our passion and every day is a journey. We drive brands forward - take your campaign where it needs to be anywhere in the world - from Europe to Russia, to the Middle East and Africa, so you can be in the right place every time.

How we can help

Our roadshow events are designed to solve your business challenges. We take your message straight to the people who need to hear it most,
where ideas can be experienced in three dimensions.

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