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How sustainable is this? It's a question being asked more and more across every sector - and the events industry is no different. When you think of trucks, you may not associate them with being a more sustainable option, but some of our clients have reduced their environmental impact using a roadshow truck. Here are a few tips to think about when planning your next event.

3,480kg of waste is generated and ends up in landfill at the average conference (the equivalent of 2.6 compact cars)

Based on the average 3-day 1,000 person event

57 roadshow events held on average per year for each truck fit-out

Reducing Waste

From stands being built for just one event, to whole rolls of carpet being thrown away - waste at exhibitions is a major concern and constant battle for organisers and exhibitors.

EMS recommends modular truck interiors to all our clients. And, with the average roadshow delivering in excess of 50 events, the space is used again and again - with many of our clients even utilising the assets in their offices after the tour ends.

Our client Ortho Clinical Diagnostics toured their roadshow truck for 3 years, demonstrating blood testing equipment to their client across EMEA. When the tour ended, EMS installed the interior fit-out as a customer experience space at their office. A great example of how high quality event spaces can be re-used, if built for longevity.

Learn more about re-using the roadshow fit-out in the blog below.

3 Tips for Planning a more Sustainable Event

Avoid Moving People

Take the experience to them. Less travel means less impact on the environment and disruption to the working day.

Re-use fixtures

Invest in good quality event assets that are durable so they can be re-used at multiple events, or in your office.

Find like-minded suppliers

From stand manufacturers to caterers, do your research to ensure your suppliers are focused on being sustainable too.

Aeroplane flying once around the world Equivalent of CO2 saved using a truck compared to single travel*

Reducing Travel and Hidden Costs

Think of the last exhibition you attended - how did you get there? Did you travel by car, or plane even? Did you stay over? Most people would say yes to all of the above. Times that by the number of people at the same event, who made similar journeys. 

Now, take a roadshow truck experience. One branded vehicle travelling to the offices of all the key targets with a consistent experience. That one truck uses considerably less energy than multiple people travelling to one single location.

In fact, when comparing the carbon emissions, one of our current tours has saved over 17,000 kg of CO2, the equivalent of an aeroplane flying once around the world.*

*Calculated using the number of visitors that attended the events, and the average number that drive to trade shows. The saving is the number of miles the truck traveled to events, compared to the average number of miles the visitors would have traveled to an alternative fixed event site.

Watch This Space

As the most innovative and forward-thinking roadshow supplier in the industry, we strive to be ahead of the game when it comes to sustainability. We currently offset all of our emissions and use Euro 6 trucks where possible.

In 2021, EMS became the first roadshow truck agency to join isla, an event industry-wide and independent organisation dedicated to supporting the transition to more sustainable events.

EMS' future plans include our aim to be the first roadshow company to use an electric cab and aim to use variable speed generators and compressors, reducing both our CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. We also aim to build all our interior fit-outs in a modular design, with the hope that up to 75% could be re-used.

For more information on roadshow truck tours and how they can help your events become more sustainable, please get in touch.

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