Social Distancing Event Ideas

With social distancing guidelines differing from country to country, we have designed multiple customer journeys to accommodate. Our priority is to keep our employees, clients and their target audiences safe. We are experts in roadshow marketing, and ensure that despite restrictions, the experience isn't compromised.

If you are looking for social distancing event ideas, our roadshow trucks are a COVID-secure option. A primary focus is that everyone that steps on board feels the environment is safe. EMS adhere to specific Government advice at all times and have created a process focused around three key pillars:

  • Thorough Vehicle Cleaning & Sanitisation after each use/visit
  • Provision of Visitor PPE
  • Social Distancing - Integral to Customer Journey
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92% of our B2B clients since 2015 have wanted their sessions to involve a maximum of 10 key targets

Social Distancing, it's second nature to us

Social distancing onboard our vehicles is not new territory.

In the planning phases, we work with our clients to create a customer journey and this along with the targeted invitees, naturally results in smaller groups onboard, despite our large roadshow trucks being able to accommodate 30+ people.

Ensuring distancing remains, each truck can be set-up with floor markers to indicate distancing based on the specific country regulations given by Governments and/or WHO Guidance at the time.

When should you consider a roadshow?

Do you or your client fit into one or all of the below categories? If so, a roadshow may be a perfect option for them and we would love to discuss in more detail with you.

Exhibition / Congress Cancelled

If they usually plan their marketing strategy around a specific exhibition or trade show that has been cancelled or postponed, we can help replicate that experience on a smaller scale.

Product Launch

If they have a product which they need to launch or promote, a roadshow is the perfect option to showcase live demonstrations to their key clients.

Multiple Locations

If key customers or audiences are situated in multiple countries or cities, roadshows can take a consistent experience to each one.

Why a Roadshow?

Controlled Environment

The space can be consistently monitored and disinfected after each group onboard.

Smaller Groups

With PPE provided and social distancing planned within the customer journey, safety for all can be ensured.

Minimise Travel

Take the truck to the location of customers, eliminating their need to travel.

Flexibility to Re-Route

The truck can be re-directed to a different location if a localised lockdown occurs, minimising the disruption to their marketing activity.

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