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Quick Comparison

To help you decide which roadshow trailer is best for you, take a look at this comparison of all our trucks.

Comparison chart
Internal Space Maximum Capacity On Board Generator Generator Size Set‑Up Time Air Con & Heating Disabled Access Number on Fleet
Graduate Graduate 71m2 80 Towed 60KVA 4 Hrs 1
Voyager Plus Voyager Plus 63m2 40 35KVA 2 Hrs 1
Voyager Voyager 56m2 40 35-50KVA 2 Hrs 6
Exposure Exposure 55m2 60 50KVA 2 Hrs 1
Challenger Challenger 48m2 35 35-40KVA 2 Hrs 2
Enterprise Enterprise 45m2 50 35KVA 2 Hrs 1
Pioneer Pioneer 45m2 25 60KVA 2 Hrs 1
Ventura Ventura 41m2 35 22.5KVA 2 Hrs 1
Pathfinder Pathfinder 23m2 20 12KVA 1 Hrs 6

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