Public Awareness Campaigns

Roadshows are the perfect option for public awareness campaigns. A marketing communication tool that provide the public with an understanding of important information, they communicate a message and educate people across multiple locations within the community. 

From small and agile exhibition trailers that can easily park up in city centres, to large roadshow trucks that can hold workshops of people - our team can create an experience to meet the needs of any audience. If you have a demographic that is hard to reach, spread across multiple different areas or a complex topic that needs face-to-face interaction - get in touch to see how we could help you reach them with a consistent and accessible experience.

Why A Roadshow?
99% of respondents said they would start exporting or increase their exporting

Inspiring Businesses

EMS has helped both the public and private sectors to reach, support and advise businesses through roadshows spanning a number of countries.

We've been working with the Department for International Trade since 2015, helping them reach SME's across the UK as part of the Exporting is GREAT campaign. In its first year alone, the Export Hub was able to help generate over £19 million of exports.

The Export Hub provides companies with support and advice to help them succeed in global markets. EMS has ensured the design of the truck is practical and perfectly fits the Exporting is GREAT brand, giving visitors the best experience possible.

DIT chief executive
9,063 conversations provided help and support with issues around cervical cancer

Improving Health Awareness

With many of the target areas hard to reach, we've helped charities and businesses with educating the public on health awareness. 

Cancer charity Jo's Trust needed reach out to women in areas where the cervical screening attendance was low. The Cervix Savvy roadshow travelled to 34 locations including city centres and supermarkets, providing help and support to the public.

We had an exceptional 4 months with some of the best engagement rates we have ever seen and many more material orders than ever before.

Claire Cohen, Head of Health Information and Engagement, Jo's Trust
784,931 students inspired to try Higher Education from over 7,300 schools

Educating the next Generation

From university information to advice on student finance options, we've supported Government departments in inspiring and changing student's perceptions.

A campaign we conducted for Government initiative Aimhigher, ran for over 9 years in England. Extremely well received across the UK, 97% of teachers rated the roadshow as ‘good’ or ‘very good’ at promoting Higher Education.

We have a close working relationship with EMS, who managed the trailers and drivers for the Aimhigher roadshow. Their dedication and response to every logistical challenge helped to ensure the events were delivered every day and that the roadshow was a year-on-year success.

Lorna Gozzard, Director, Geronimo Communications

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