Product Launch Roadshows

Trade shows are an important part of the product launch cycle for many businesses, but what if they don't coincide with your launch, or the noise and distractions are preventing you from reaching the right people?

Roadshow trucks are fully branded, bespoke-built spaces that can be taken to multiple locations, wherever your target audience is.

Our clients take their product launch roadshows to the key trade shows, displaying live demonstrations of their latest products alongside their competition. But they also take that exact experience to the doorsteps of their key customers and target audience, wherever they are in the world, at their convenience. They are a perfect product launch event solution.

Roadshow ROI

Make your budget work harder, with a flexible branded experience that can be used across a spectrum of audiences. From staff, to current customers and key targets, go directly to them and show them face-to-face the benefits of your product.

Launch the Product

Shout about your new product and do live demonstrations across your key markets

Reach Existing Customers

Hold exclusive events for key customers on-board the truck, showcasing your latest innovation

Go Directly to Key Targets

Drive to the doorstep of your target audiences and wow them with a fully branded experience

Train and Educate Staff

Take the live product to staff and train them with an immersive and memorable demo

72% of events were attended by C-level executives

Spellbound Events for SAP

With the IoT and smart technology market growing rapidly in the Middle East, SAP wanted to take their high-tech equipment on a roadshow truck tour to customers across MENA. 

Designed in partnership with Dubai-based agency Spellbound, we created the 'Run Simple Tour' - an experience tailored to showcase their products to customers, partners, prospects and the media.

According to 80% of attendants, live demonstrations significantly help define their purchasing decision

98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation

98% of the events attracted C-Level decision makers


Schlumberger is one of the worlds leading suppliers of drilling technology and integrated project management to the oil industry. EMS created an engaging mobile experience that enabled Schlumberger to demonstrate their products on a new level.

Visiting a total of 24 European cities across 13 countries, the tour reached every client in Europe across a variety of public and private sites.

45 show-stopping live events

Imagination for Land Rover

Together with Imagination, we created a spectacular multi-truck campaign with free-running acrobatics and an outdoor 4x4 test track that could stage thrilling live demonstrations to launch their new Evoque.

The centerpiece was the car itself, carefully housed inside the truck, inviting the public to see for themselves that the Evoque was a true Land-Rover: a world class example of British engineering.

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