COVID-Secure Offline Marketing

Influencers' and brands are facing a challenge. With social media activity higher than ever during lockdown, followers are hungry for new content - but there's only so much that can be created from your home over a long period of time. 

Audiences are crying out for something different – whether you’re a brand or an influencer agency, truck roadshows are one of the most exciting offline marketing activation options.

Take a fully branded environment straight to an influencer’s front door, in a mobile facility that’s completely COVID-secure, creating a new excitement on your social media platforms.

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Offline marketing ideas with truck roadshows

With no events to attend, content has taken on a different form during lockdown. Some influencers and brands are embracing it and others are looking for new ways to engage content creators. Let our roadshow vehicles be your blank canvas and take an experience to the doorsteps of influencers. Here are some of the roadshow ideas:

Fashion & Beauty

• New Collection Launch • Virtual Stylist • MUA Demos • Skin Glow up Beauty Hacks •


• New Season Launches • Press Previews • Competitions • A Space for the ‘New Gamers’ •


• Cooking Demos • Cleaning 'Narnia' • Crafter's Paradise • Cocktail Bar •


• Mobile Showroom • Car Launch • Press Engagement

Why Choose Truck Roadshows?

In these days of social distancing, don’t wait for creators to come to you. Take your experience to them in a mobile, one-hour set-up facility that’s completely COVID-secure.


A controlled environment that is safe and clean. PPE provided, social distancing planned and, by taking the truck to your influencer, you eliminate their need to travel.

Ultimate Convenience

Take your products directly to your influencers. This creates genuine positivity among your creators, which is reflected in the content they produce.

Quick & Cost-Effective

Set-up times starting at one hour and the same fit-out and truck being used throughout. Combined, these factors deliver better ROIs in every market you operate in.

Consistent, but Unique

Your branding and key messages are guaranteed to feature in your creators’ content - and the excitement of this unique experience will be incomparable.


With our average roadshow delivering 57 events per fit-out and less CO2 emitted compared to if all attendees had travelled to visit a single location.

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