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Why roadshow marketing is still profitable

On the face of it, the latest events industry study from analysis firm Plimsoll makes for sobering reading - in a poll of 677 firms, it found that one in three are making a loss.

But on the flip side, that means two in three are making a profit - and event marketing specialists EMS are delighted to announce that they are among those doing even better, reporting increased profits despite the tough times.

After a record 2010, EMS are already optimistic for 2011. It’s clear that roadshows and event marketing are the way forward for companies looking to get the most out of their money from an event.

he EMEA market has opened up for us this year, as global technology companies such as IBM, Lenovo and Ciena turn to roadshows to get the marketing edge on their rivals. Our multi-territory roadshow exhibitions campaigns help deliver maximum return for these clients, especially when marketing budgets are reducing.

EMS Managing Director Keith Austin said: “By sharing the cost of roadshows, clients are able to create a Pan European campaign that allows multiple sales teams to demonstrate complex and expensive products to customers face-to-face - away from the competition. This is a luxury one country simply couldn’t afford to achieve on a single marketing budget.

“This powerful USP not only makes mobile trailer roadshows an extremely cost-effective way of supporting multiple sales territories with one ‘big’ campaign, but it also ticks the box from a sustainability point of view too.” 

Keith Austin

Keith Austin View Full Profile

Clarity of vision and years of big brand experience have helped Keith take EMS from start-up to market leader. The continual challenges he places on both the business and the team are keeping us in pole position, where we intend to stay.

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