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Why bigger isn’t always better with your marketing efforts

When it comes to marketing your brand, size isn’t everything. Having the biggest budgets or the largest team can help you coordinate spectacular and memorable campaigns, but sometimes it’s the small and highly targeted efforts that can be the most creative and effective.

In the context of our roadshow trucks at EMS, the natural assumption is to think that bigger is better. All too often the belief is that to make a lasting impression, only the largest truck on the fleet will do.

But just as you should never use two words when one will do, sometimes less can be more with your exhibition space.

Grand spaces can have a big impact

Our largest roadshow trailer; GraduateThere’s no doubt about it – our large trucks can be showstoppers.

It’s hard to miss a 13.6-meter long exhibition truck that offers space of up to 70 square metres – larger than an average squash court – opening up a world of opportunity for your exhibition.

Our big roadshow trucks are impactful and spacious and can be modified to create virtually any type of environment; be it to demonstrate, communicate, train or even entertain customers face-to-face and one-on-one.

You might have a range of products to show off, or complex and heavy equipment that needs a sizeable yet mobile base. There’s potential space for you to create designated zones, meeting rooms – we’ve even managed to fit a car inside before!

Smaller environments can be incredibly powerful

Pathfinder; our smallest truckThe power of the little trucks shouldn’t be underestimated – they still pack a hefty punch.

Sometimes the smaller units can offer more tactical solutions to meet your marketing needs, for example, if you need to create an intimate and immersive experience with a smaller group.

Mini workshops or training for internal staff are also ideal in the smaller exhibition vehicles, offering a unique environment that demands attention and captivates audiences.

These mini trucks can also get to places the big trucks can’t, including prime positions in busy town centres or retail parks as they are light and easy to set-up.

What’s the right truck for you?

Bringing people together in a purpose-built space can deliver fantastic results for your brand, helping to change perceptions, forge relationships and influence behaviours.

You can connect with audiences in an environment tailored to your own requirements, creating a space that’s interactive and brings your brand to life in a powerful way.

The key is to fully understand what you’re trying to achieve and who you’re trying to reach – something that we can help you define before choosing the right truck for you.

If you’ve got a marketing campaign that we can help with, contact us and tell us who it is you need to reach, where they are and what the call to action is, and let us recommend the right vehicle for you.

Cassie Kendrew

Cassie Kendrew View Full Profile

Cassie Kendrew first joined EMS in 2011 and has over 15 years’ industry experience in marketing and project management, both at home in Europe and within the vibrant Middle East region. As Commercial Director for EMS, Cassie’s unparalleled blend of operational understanding, logistics management and marketing insight has enabled multiple global brands to deliver key marketing campaigns and leading employee engagement tours.

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