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Using brand power for event marketing

Gemma Edney, Account Director at Event Marketing Solutions looks at the power of roadshow branding and how getting it right can drive unparalleled success.

The Marketer recently discussed a move by Austrian brand Motif to launch a range of wines labelled with colour and patterns to communicate its characteristics. This may come as no big surprise, but when you include the fact that the labelling was absent of words, then this becomes a pretty radical approach.

Motif product branding

It's commonly known that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, but while powerful, using images alone in event marketing would be a bold move.

Campaign messaging can be complex and sometimes words just can't be replaced, but what we can take from Motif's approach is that we shouldn't underestimate or overlook the power of using all the different elements of a brand – from logos and icons to colours – to create one powerful, immersive experience.

Branding is a major aspect of roadshow marketing and how the brand and its values can translate into a mobile environment is at the start of our journey with every campaign.

One of the major benefits of roadshows is that the opportunity to see is far reaching. This places prominence on a truck's exterior, as it’s not just the visitor that engages with your brand; there's passing footfall too, and in the case of a truck, the audience engaged while in transit.

A great example of how this can work, demonstrating the impact of stunning visuals, is our work with 20th Century Fox to promote Blu-ray releases. A boldly branded truck featured huge illustrations from the Avatar movie, bowling over international audiences when it travelled across Europe.

20th Century Fox roadshow graphics

The importance of how you communicate a brand message at a live event has dramatically increased in recent years. It's no longer enough to just feature branding on a showroom exterior and you can't get away with just a logo, you have to find a way to truly engage audiences, whether that be consumers, business customers or colleagues.

Take our work with Barclays as an example. They literally replicated their new in-store design and took it out onto the road. The environment was immediately recognisable, mirroring the new-look branches, which dramatically improved visitor engagement.

While visuals are critical to roadshow branding, we mustn't overlook how we can engage other senses to increase impact and immersion. 

The continual advancement in technology means that this is no time to become complacent. Tech-savvy audiences expect more than a visually stunning space. The brand needs to run through the 'hands-on' experience too and using mobile devices to connect an event with the external environment is one way of delivering on all levels.

A picture paints a thousand words, but remember to consider how a brand can work across all aspects of an event to drive success. If you'd like to talk about how we can translate your brand through a roadshow get in touch today.

Gemma Edney

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Gemma combines strategic understanding with a commercial approach to ensure you meet all your marketing objectives. Clients appreciate her constant focus on their ROI targets, and her results-driven method plays a key role on all our client projects. 

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