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Think big with roadshow graphics that blow people’s minds

The best way to create something spectacular, memorable and talked about is to go bigger, brighter, more creative, more adventurous, more innovative and be prepared to push the boundaries.

Of course, not all ideas will be possible or, let’s be realistic, approved by those holding the purse strings but we’d encourage you to use our exhibition trailers to showcase your brand and relay your key messages in the most creative, inventive way possible. Set no limits to your ideas because it’s always easier to reign in an ambitious concept than to make an average campaign more exciting.

Pantene truck graphics

From experience, the vehicle graphics that have the biggest impact and truly reflect the brand not only show the branding, but the graphics themselves demonstrate what the brand is about and even what the product promises to achieve.

One way of doing this is with 3D graphics, which are so realistic they always guarantee a second glance and get people talking. Take the example above of the bus advertising Copenhagen Zoo, which shows how 3D graphics can create an illusion you just can’t resist having a longer glance at. And these 3D truck graphics advertising Pantene, which leaves no question that the aim of the product is to have longer, thicker, shinier hair!

These examples show the endless possibilities with graphics, which is something that, as you might expect, really excites us. Creative concepts enhance the ‘360 degree’ experience, which is key when taking your brand on the road, the exterior playing a vital role in drawing your audiences in. You want your audiences to be interested, intrigued, impressed and ultimately keen to engage, whether it’s visiting the experience inside the trailer or engaging by sharing pictures and joining conversations online through social media.

Eye-catching graphics can be used to tie an exhibition truck in with the whole campaign, with the trailers providing another branch to driving online social sharing, encouraging the public to ‘spot our truck’ and share pictures of your brand ‘on tour’ with prizes offered for the first spot on a certain day or perhaps the best picture.

Starbucks vanWhichever creative route a brand takes, it’s vital that the end result incites a reaction in just one or two seconds, engaging your audiences for long enough to relay your key campaign messages. Here are some top tips on how to get it right:

  • Clearly define who your campaign is aimed at as this will be the driving force behind the creative solution, which must target and work for those who you want to get involved
  • Don’t forget that your event has wheels – as well as engaging your target audience, there is also an opportunity for a much broader spectrum of people to engage with your message when in transit
  • Incorporate social media into your artwork so your audiences can connect, engage and converse about your tour, widening the reach of the campaign
  • Your roadshow will look very different when it is displayed for an event than when it is folded away and out on the road, so don’t forget to consider the end results in both environments (unlike Starbucks, who didn’t consider this…)

If you consider all these points, and throw in a large dose of creativity, you’ll have a live event that will both draw attention when static and catch the eye of everyone it passes as your brand’s huge moving billboard travels the country. So go ahead, let us push the boundaries and wow you, we love a challenge and creating unforgettable brand experiences is what we do best.

If you’ve got a marketing campaign that you think could benefit from our expertise, contact us and set us the challenge of creating something that will leave a lasting impression on your target market.


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