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The EMS Unsung Heroes

Bobby Moore, George Best, Kevin Keegan... they are all part of the football heroes line-up for the latest set of Royal Mail stamps. Keith Austin reflects on how the role of the hero isn’t just reserved for the rich and famous and how heroism is alive and well in everyday life as well as in business.

Having just seen the line up of stars set to adorn our stamps it made me wonder how many people really count these as their heroes and if we were to compile our own list, who would we choose.

My guess is that many would consider those much closer to home and this got me thinking about how we work at EMS and the exceptional role our Roadshow Managers play out on the frontline.

Our Roadshow Managers are the face of our business, critical to roadshow success and the real heroes behind the business. They are the people who work out in the field, the first to greet our clients on-site, responsible for delivering, setting up and managing the exhibition vehicles – and without a doubt they leave the longest lasting impression.

When I look back at their job specifications I wonder how we ever found such passionate people to fill these vital roles...full HGV licence, great communicator, technically savvy, mechanically minded, multilingual, EMEA experience, problem solver, and happy to work away for long periods, over weekends and Christmas! It’s these important ‘extras’ that make the difference to the tour success – they truly are the ‘games makers’ of our business.

We are fortunate to have recruited and inspired more than 15 of these trusty, committed professionals who work happily around the clock, leaving no stone unturned to ensure the delivery of some of the most engaging, inspiring and technically demanding experiences on behalf of our clients.

EMS Roadshow Managers

I am constantly bowled over by their ‘can do’ attitude 100% of the time - the show must go on and they are always ready and willing to jump on a plane at the drop of a hat or stay on the road to cover other tours.

The task of a Roadshow Manager is huge and requires wide-ranging skills, yet they execute it expertly, so it’s perhaps no surprise that we sing their praises. But, they are our customers’ heroes too and we are constantly hearing about the fantastic job they do. Here’s what our clients have to say:

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with Mark over the past six months. He’s a great guy to work with and we fully appreciated his flexibility, cooperation and good work” KPN

“Carl is doing an excellent job. He’s exceptionally professional, observant and a great pleasure to have as part of our team” Ciena

“Thanks for all your help in making the demo bus visit a huge success. Our account team were particularly impressed with Rob, not only for delivering the bus but negotiating the best parking spots and cleaning and tidying up during customer visits. We appreciated his ‘can do’ attitude and helpfulness” Cisco

“Rob has been doing a fantastic job and has already become a well-loved and valued member of the Liverpool team – he really is a breath of fresh air” British Heart Foundation

“David always goes above and beyond for Infinera. He’s a huge hit with the sales guys, works hard and is great with our customers. He’s a great pleasure to work with” Infinera

It’s so true - our Roadshow Managers are a critical part of the event-goers experience and the thanks and appreciation they receive from global audiences reconfirms that human contact can leave the most valuable long lasting impression.

Keith Austin

Keith Austin View Full Profile

Clarity of vision and years of big brand experience have helped Keith take EMS from start-up to market leader. The continual challenges he places on both the business and the team are keeping us in pole position, where we intend to stay.

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