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Tech brands hit the road, digital get physical

Online brands need to step out of the digital space once in a while and get face to face interaction with their audience. This month LinkedIn, Google and eBay are all on the road supporting key campaigns with touring brand experiences and of course driving more digital content in the process. We’re seeing a continued upward trend for online brands bridging the gap between the physical and digital experience. This is sometimes referred to as ‘phygital’ - although I still find this phrase just a bit too awkward to say!

Linked In | Picture Opportunity Tour

LinkedIn Marketing TrailerI’m regular user of LinkedIn and getting the right profile picture can be harder than you might think, in fact it’s probably about time I changed mine! So their roadshow campaign touring the US offering free advice and headshots to its members is a great value add brand experience focused on the challenges some users face. It also a great conversation starter on how LinkedIn in now used and future applications it may have.


Ebay | 20 Days of Deals Tour

Ebay Experiential Marketing Trailer

It’s an alarming measure of how time flies to think that eBay is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It’s also an amazing to think of the impact it’s had on retail. To celebrate 20 years eBay are running some ‘very special deals’, but for once people in some US cities will be able to see the products before they purchase by visiting a mobile showroom in a custom branded trailer.


Google | Food Truck Tour

Google Bus

A fine example of how you can integrate a new product feature into a targeted experience. We know, if you make it fun, interactive with an element of competition (…and free food definitely helps) you’re on to a winning formula. The video tells the campaign story and creates a nice bit of content for Google to share and amplify the tour further.

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