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Improving Retail Staff Training

Improving Retail Staff Training

When you’re faced with the challenge of bringing something new to market in the fiercely competitive world of retail, failing to ensure your sales team is fully motivated and engaged with your brand’s latest products could be one of the biggest mistakes you make.

That’s because your sales personnel are effectively your frontline brand ambassadors – if they’re not passionate about your brand and don’t understand your products inside and out, your carefully constructed marketing messages may never resonate with your prospective customers.

It’s true that consumers are more savvy and have more choice than ever before, but good retail staff can still make all the difference when it comes to guiding those all-important purchasing decisions.

That’s why – in the pursuit of marketing success – it’s vital to deliver a consistent product training experience that cultivates genuine interest, belief and enthusiasm from your sales team.

With sales teams scattered across multiple locations, this can be a challenge in itself, but an effective solution we’ve helped some of the world’s leading retail brands develop involves taking the training experience to them, hitting the road with a bespoke mobile training vehicle.

1. Face-to-face interaction and live demonstrations

Bosch retail training roadshowOne of the key benefits of a roadshow truck is that it gives you a designated space where you can organise live demonstrations for your sales team and get them to focus their attention on your products.

Training that’s purely limited to computer-based examinations or paper-based information leaflets runs the risk of being nothing more than a box ticking exercise. It certainly won’t get your sales reps excited in the same way as letting them get hands-on with the products will.

If you’re selling kitchen appliances, why not use the roadshow truck to create your own kitchen? If it’s TVs, you could use the truck to build your own living room and let your employees experience it for themselves as a consumer would.

Making physical contact with the merchandise helps them develop an emotional connection and it’s much more likely that your retail staff will remember the experience positively and translate that into sales.

2. Maximum product experience and USP sharing

Bosch roadshow truckUSPs can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing your product or service over those of another brand, so making sure your staff can recall all the necessary knowledge at a moments notice is crucial.

There’s no better way of doing that than letting them test the product for themselves first-hand or, if that’s not possible, seeing it in action in a fully interactive environment. It creates a more engaging and memorable experience.

Some of the vehicles we offer have as much as 70m2 of exhibition space, so you can immerse the sales team in all the marketing collateral they need to live and breathe the brand and all your relevant key messages.

3. Efficient use of time and minimal business disruption

NEFF retail roadshowThe beauty of a roadshow truck is that it’s a truly mobile solution – it can be picked up and parked anywhere you need it to be.

If you’ve got staff in multiple locations – be they local, national or even international – you can take the training to them, avoiding unnecessary disruption to the business by organising training around the working day.

There are no extra travel expenses, no additional room hire needed and you can reach more people, more quickly, delivering added efficiency and maximum return on your investment.

4. How we can help you achieve it

NEFF roadshow trailerYour retail teams act as the conduit between your brand and your customers, so making sure your employees are motivated and engaged in your products is an investment that’s worth making.

We recently helped two leading household brands create an expert team of trainers and home economists, who will tour the UK running hands-on demonstrations and product training sessions for retailers and consumers, giving them an opportunity to discover the brand’s new product USPs.

To see how we did it, visit our roadshow galleries: Bosch and Neff.

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