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Supplying the right brand ambassadors - every time

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to matching brand ambassadors to campaigns. EMS’ growing success is reflected in its careful choice of people.

As Keith Austin says: “We only work with the best and we operate from a compact, focused database of known and trusted people. Our teams receive thorough preparation for each project at training days where we walk through the whole brief and drill down to every detail. This immerses them in the experience and ensure they are ‘emotionally attached’ to the brand when we go out on the road.”

Vital for success in putting together a winning roadshow team is to consider the demographics of your client’s audience, and fit your people to it in terms of ethnicity/regionalism/age/first language etc. Keith adds: “Every detail must be well-thought-out. For example, it’s essential to consider the dress code as business suits are no good if you’re aiming at a young, cool audience.”

Student Finance Tour

A team of hand-picked brand ambassadors was a vital element of EMS’ Aimhigher campaign for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The roadshow’s aim was to increase and widen participation in higher education among 13-19 year old students. EMS recruited a young, funky multicultural team that had real life HE experience. They dressed in branded T-shirts and jeans and came from similar backgrounds to the students to engage with them in a cool, accessible way. ‘Teacher types’ in suits just would not have had the same impact. The results speak for themselves: 97% gave the roadshow the top ratings of ‘good’ or ‘very good’ for its overall effectiveness.


Keith Austin

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Clarity of vision and years of big brand experience have helped Keith take EMS from start-up to market leader. The continual challenges he places on both the business and the team are keeping us in pole position, where we intend to stay.

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