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Roadshow Trucks Are Perfect For Audience Engagement, But Measurement Is Key To Success

Roadshow Trucks Are Perfect For Audience Engagement, But Measurement Is Key To Success

Head of Client Services at EMS, Gemma Edney considers the measurement techniques that help clients understand how successful their roadshow campaigns really are.

What is roadshow marketing?

Roadshow marketing is a proven way to engage audiences with brands and their messages and leave a lasting positive impression that increases awareness, loyalty and conversions. As they become an increasingly important part of a brands marketing campaign and an essential tool in a variety of organisations’ communications and awareness activities there is a growing focus on measuring the effectiveness of the roadshow truck and the return on investment, especially in this turbulent economic climate.

Part of the mission at EMS is to continually look at new ways of capturing data thus proving a campaign’s worth.

These techniques and innovative ways of determining success will inevitably vary from business to business and campaign to campaign, but as Gemma states: “The best way to approach measurement is to reflect on your objectives, which will help determine the metrics.” An essential part of the measurement system is to consider the short, medium and long term business campaigns - marketing activity needs to be more strategically focussed and integrated with the wider business objectives as a whole if you want the full picture.

A multi-use roadshow truck campaign

“We encourage all clients to invest in qualitative onsite research, as robust ROI tracking is key to measuring success. But it’s important to maintain some flexibility to allow the integration of anecdotal feedback.” Says Gemma.

EMS ensure daily reports are made, assisting the monitoring of all aspects of the campaign. Everything from footfall and sales leads to length of engagement and touch points is recorded providing essential metrics that can be used effectively to develop and refine activity moving forward. When this information is used well, it can be used to drive better audience engagement.

One thing that EMS encourage all their clients to use is social media, as not only does it help spread the message like wildfire but provide their team with an instant flow of measurable information. Gemma explains further:

“Perception should be monitored before and after an event to track shifts. Social media has brought endless tracking opportunities, and it’s particularly useful for capturing longer-term results. It’s essential that conversations are monitored throughout a campaign and metrics from channels such as Facebook and Twitter are integrated as part of wider ROI measurements.”

Everything from monitoring of sales uplifts post event, feedback results, meeting numbers, volume and pace of pipeline improvements are all vital metrics that can be used to paint an accurate picture of the campaign’s success.

A roadshow truck from the experts at EMS provides businesses with the means to talk directly with customers and prospects – by far one of the strongest benefits of experiential roadshow marketing. The effective measurement and evaluation of the results of your campaign is vital, whether manually or through an innovative approach. By facilitating and capturing conversions using mobile devices or video booths that encourage visitor participation you have yet another information source and a way of capturing vital metrics.

“Don’t be afraid to try new measurement tools and techniques; just remember to check that they help you meet your original objectives and you can’t go far wrong.” Recommends Gemma.

EMS help brands and organisations get their message across through experiential roadshow campaigns and are leading the industry throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Part of that success is down to their ability to show just how a roadshow truck has had a direct benefit on a campaign. Whether it’s how many sales, how much positive feedback, how many demonstrations, how many follow up calls, store visits, or website hits, whatever the information is you need, we can provide it to you.

Gemma Edney

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Gemma combines strategic understanding with a commercial approach to ensure you meet all your marketing objectives. Clients appreciate her constant focus on their ROI targets, and her results-driven method plays a key role on all our client projects. 

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