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Right Place, Right Time! 5 Great Destinations for your Roadshow Truck Tour

Getting your brand to the right people at the right time is one of the biggest benefits of a roadshow truck tour. Do it well and you’ll enjoy the full attention of your audience in an immersive, branded experience.

Here are five of the most effective places you could visit (and we know they work, because we’ve done them all already!).

Bosch in a retail park

1. Retail sites

Taking your trailer to retail sites is doubly effective: you can use it as a place to both train your staff and sell to customers. And because you control the space, you can use inventive ways to bring your brand to life – just like Bosch did, with their fully equipped kitchen and live cooking demonstrations in the comfort of their exhibition trailer. 

It’s the perfect way to create a memorable and meaningful face-to-face experience. And, with 82% of sales staff saying they were highly likely to recommend a Bosch product to a customer after their training, it works.


 San Andreas at a city centre2. City centres

Don't wait for your customers to come to you. Take your experience straight to the high street and you'll soon be generating crowds and excitement. 

Almost 9,000 people watched a preview of 'San Andreas' during our Warner Bros tour across Belgium, Germany, Spain and Portugal and overall the roadshow generated upwards of 830,000 opportunities to see.

Afterwards, 95% of visitors said they'd go to see the full movie in the cinema. How’s that for an ROI?


Ortho Clinical Diagnostics at a conference

3. Conferences / Tradeshows

People are often surprised to hear that you can use an exhibition truck inside, as well as outside at many tradeshows and conferences. 

And, as you already have a fully branded truck on the road, there is no need for expensive one-off stand builds.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has a very specific audience. By carefully targeting tradeshows as part of their three-year tour, they’ve been able to showcase live product demonstrations easily, in an environment they could control.


 Cisco at customer offices4. Customer offices

For some businesses, going direct to potential clients is the clearest and most compelling action they can take.

It was certainly the right choice for worldwide networking leader, Cisco. They found the best way to build excitement in their highly complex product, was to give live demonstrations and talk face-to-face.

Cisco’s roadshow tour has travelled all over the world, heading straight to the offices of their current and potential customers. With five branded trucks on the road generating a direct increase to their sales pipeline, it isn't difficult to see why they were an indispensable part of the company’s marketing strategy.


Sky at own office

5. Your own offices

By taking your roadshow truck tour to your own offices, you can guarantee the same experience gets delivered at every site. So if you’ve got employee communications or training to deliver, this is the ideal solution.

Just ask Sky, who used our trucks to reach 10,000 staff in just 32 days.

So whether your audience is retailers, consumers, businesses or staff, we can help you get your message heard. Interested? Contact Keith Austin on +44 (0) 151 350 1500 for an initial chat.

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