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Research reveals the power of connecting social media with live events

We’ve known for some time the power of experiential campaigns that use social media to further engage an audience and the latest research proves it, reports Keith Austin, CEO at Event Marketing Solutions Ltd.

According to a study by Immediate Future and Electrify, experiential campaigns are the most likely to be shared on social media – more so than adverts on TV or in print.

More importantly this type of marketing impacts the bottom line, increasing the likelihood of consumers engaging with a brand and going on to make a purchase. More than half of the 1,000 people surveyed agreed that they would buy a product or service as a result of a live experience, 54% would look online to find out more about the brand and 46% would go on to visit the brand in-store.

Not surprisingly, consumers were more likely to share their experience on social media if it was unusual, entertaining or relevant, and our campaign with 20th Century Fox reflects this premise...

20th Century Fox roadshow

By giving the public a chance to take a starring role in famous movie trailers which they could then share with friends through social media, we created a truly immersive experience that engaged the audience long after the event had finished.

The ‘Blu-ray experience’ - an interactive European roadshow truck tour - incorporated two Green Screen backgrounds that allowed visitors’ faces to be superimposed on to those of famous actors. The film trailers were edited on-board and emailed to visitors after the event in their home language - creating a European viral campaign that lengthened the event experience by enabling clips to be shared via social media, spreading the word about Blu-ray. 

Of the 7,674 visitors, almost 2,000 experienced a Blu-ray product presentation and made their own personalised movie trailer. Visitors uploaded their clips to Facebook, receiving around 6,000 on-line views internationally in the first three months.

The results are best summed up by 20th Century Fox. August Martin, Vice President of Marketing, Library and Home Entertainment said:

"This was an exciting campaign that created a giant buzz about Blu -ray at retailers across Europe.  The roadshow allowed us to connect with consumers on an interactive and personal level and through the high definition Blu-ray trailers and data capture, it created a strong social media momentum beyond the event itself."

If you’re considering a roadshow truck tour we can help maximise campaign success through social media. Get in touch today to find out how.

Keith Austin

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Clarity of vision and years of big brand experience have helped Keith take EMS from start-up to market leader. The continual challenges he places on both the business and the team are keeping us in pole position, where we intend to stay.

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