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5 Reasons you should Consider an Internal Communications Roadshow

5 Reasons you should Consider an Internal Communications Roadshow

Research carried out by the Event Marketing Institute shows that three quarters of participants leave a live event with a more positive opinion of a brand. 

The whole aim of creating a powerful and memorable live event is about connecting with your audience, so its power shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly when it comes to internal communication. Hosting an event to deliver your message enables employees to make a personal connection and drives engagement.

So why do live events work so well for internal campaigns? In my experience, here are five big reasons why …

1. Attending live brand events drives people buy-in. Nearly three out of four event participants that experience face-to-face communication feel more aligned with the company message. When events are executed effectively to reach and engage an audience, the experience overwhelmingly drives the most important result there is: ‘buy in’.

2. Experiencing a message creates an emotional connection. Emotional connections are powerful when it comes to changing culture. Providing colleagues with a unique experience, delivered by engaging leaders will spark an emotional connection that transforms behaviours.

Sky Internal Communications Roadshow

3. Undivided attention, consistent communication. In an increasingly digitally driven communications era, face-to-face events provide a disruptive medium that holds the attention of colleagues whilst a message is conveyed. By creating a live experience your audience will be immersed in the narrative and empowered to make change.

4. Event participation drives perception change. In my experience participants have a more positive opinion of a brand after a live event if the communication channel is not one way. Building interactive experiences into an event will open dialogue and allow business leaders to listen.

5. Events provide valuable employee insight. One of the most important aspects of event marketing is measurement. Objectives and KPI’s are a must. Jack Morton VP, Julian Pullan recently summed it up simply “All we need to do to measure an event’s success is to clearly establish its goal, we have to go back to the question - what business problem will this event solve?”. Once you have this clearly identified build in ways to capture live data that will enable you to quickly and accurately evaluate the success and impact of the campaign message and its delivery.

So, how can a major internal comms event be achieved without compromising on productivity?

Many companies look to large conference and hotel venues to engage their staff with business updates, new services and products or team building. While reassuringly familiar, this solution rarely packs a punch and it can become problematic when you require a consistent experience, regardless of location.

Businesses the world over are waking up to the fact that a soulless venue isn’t always the most effective way to communicate change. As a result we are finding that more organisations are choosing to roll-out internal communication campaigns with the added impact that a roadshow truck can provide.

Brands such as Allianz, Royal Mail and Sky have chosen to deliver key comms campaigns using a roadshow truck. It allowed them to communicate a consistent message in an intimate environment and leave a long lasting personal experience that their people remembered – the human touch.

If you would like to find out about how we could take your internal message out to your people get in touch.

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