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Immersive Marketing Examples: 3 Amazing Campaigns

Immersive Marketing Examples: 3 Amazing Campaigns

Truly immersive environments never fail to captivate, and those among the best stimulate all of your senses to make a brand’s live event much more memorable.

Achieving this winning result requires a cleverly considered, designed and executed experience that packs a punch and strengthens the brand while delivering added value such as the opportunity to learn or try something new or simply to have fun.

Here are some of our favourite recent campaigns that demonstrate the power of creating an immersive environment:

1. Samsung Digital Showroom

Samsung has introduced a huge digital installation to support its home appliances offering in stores in the US. CenterStage is a hulking 6x7 foot wall with nine screens, displaying 27 of Samsung's products in their ‘real-life’ size. Shoppers can experiment with the appliances using touchscreen technology - zooming in on features, opening up refrigerators and microwaves, tweaking colours, and even inserting them in to a virtual kitchen. The showroom reinvigorates a traditional retail experience featuring rows of unplugged machines, by creating an immersive HD shopping experience to wow and win over consumers.

2. Post Office Design lab

The 300-year old Post Office is bringing its brand bang up to date by fusing the digital world with its in-branch experience. The launch of the new 'Design Lab' initiative will work to test and re-define the customer experience, while using more digital aspects. This approach would have been fascinating to see inside a roadshow truck.

3. Tim Hortons ‘Dark Experiment’

Canadian bakery chain Tim Hortons turned the lights out on customers to stimulate their senses as part of a campaign to launch its new dark roast coffee blend. When customers arrived at the store in a small Canadian town it was pitch-black. Staff wearing night vision goggles served up the new blend and cameras recorded their reactions. Once customers had tried their brew the lights were switched on to reveal the gag. By taking away customers’ sight the experiment was intended to supercharge their tastebuds. This is a great idea that aligns well with the new product, and it would be interesting to see the impact as part of a roadshow truck campaign. Aimhigher

Never underestimate the audience appeal, we worked on the government’s Aimhigher Roadshow for several years and as part of the campaign we revamped the environment to create a more immersive, dynamic and interactive experience for the teenage audience. Blacked-out windows, interactive voting and soft bean bags were combined to help inspire people to try higher education in an engaging way.

Immersive live events aren’t only powerful for customer campaigns, they provide an effective way to connect and communicate with staff too. We created a living room experience for Sky to ensure their front-line employees understood the importance and benefits of its HD products and services. The living room created a feeling of home and people sat around a central TV screen for interactive demonstrations.

To find out how you could engage people with an immersive roadshow truck tour, get in touch today.

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