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Offline Marketing Ideas: A COVID-Secure Approach for Influencer Agencies and Brands

Like almost everything else, the world of offline marketing has been hugely affected by coronavirus. 

Events have been cancelled. Traditional activations have been ruled out. Strategies have been hastily rewritten. As the world adapts to social distancing and staying at home, both marketing agencies and brands have had to do the same. 

But there is still a huge opportunity for those savvy enough to act now. 

Adapt your offline marketing to the COVID-19 environment 

Let’s take stock. What has happened during lockdown? Apart from unkempt hair and the demands of homeschooling, one other thing has been an almost universal experience: we are all spending a lot more time online. 

In turn, that has meant a natural surge in social media activity. The brands that have succeeded have focused on activity-based, relevant content – and they’ve been rewarded with higher levels of interest and dramatic jumps in their engagement levels and story views across all social platforms. 

Experiential roadshow marketing tour

But for influencer marketing, there are still huge challenges. Only so much content can be created from someone’s living room. We’ve all seen enough background bookcases to last a lifetime.  

Audiences are crying out for something different – and our roadshow trucks are exactly that. A truck roadshow takes your brand direct to your chosen audience, whether that be influencers, consumers or trade partners.  

They are customizable in whatever way you see fitdelivering a fully branded environment straight to an influencer’s front door. 

Influencer marketing after coronavirus: why choose truck roadshows? 

In these days of social distancing, don’t wait for creators to come to you. Take your experience to them in a mobile, one-hour set-up facility that’s completely COVID-secure. 

Truck roadshows are: 

  • COVID-secure, because you have complete control over them being safe and clean. PPE can be provided, social distancing is planned in the customer journey and, by taking the truck to your influencer, you eliminate their need to travel. 
  • The ultimate in convenience, taking your products directly to your influencers. This creates genuine positivity among your creators, which is reflected in the content they produce. 
  • Quick and cost-effective, with only one person needed on site and set-up times of just one hour. Only one fit-out is required, with the same truck being used over and over at as many sites as you need. Combined, these two factors deliver better ROIs in every market you operate. 
  • A consistent yet unique experience, where your branding and key messages are guaranteed to feature in your creators’ stories, videos, articles and posts. Compare this to using a hotel, for example, where an influencer is free to roam and record in non-branded environments. The difference is huge. 
  • Environmentally friendly, with our average roadshow delivering 57 events per fit-out and one of our current tours saving more than 17,000kg of CO2 emissions compared to if all attendees had travelled to visit a single location. Learn more about the environmental advantages of a roadshow: www.eventms.com/sustainability

Offline marketing ideas with truck roadshows 

Whether you’re a brand or an influencer agency, truck roadshows are fast and mobile branded environments that are one of the most exciting options for refreshing offline activation strategies. 

We’ve seen an enormous range of offline marketing examples brought to life with roadshow trucks. In fashion and beauty, for example, roadshow trucks are ideal for glam pods, mobile wardrobes, virtual stylists and product launches. 

The gaming industry has used them for console launches, press previews and competitions. Lifestyle brands have fitted them out for cooking demos, smart tech houses, ultimate pub experiences and crafting paradises. And the automotive sector has found roadshow trucks ideal for car launches, press engagements and mobile showrooms. 

What could they do for you? 

To find out more about how a roadshow truck could help your creator relationships, contact Business Development Manager Andy Morris today for a friendly, no-obligation chat. 

*Image using EMS Pathfinder Truck: Coca Cola. 2019. Family Being Reunited for Christmas. [Advert]. ITV1. 6 December 2019.

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