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New trends - mobile proprietary events

As tradeshows become more crowded, brands are choosing to take better control of the experience by delivering the ultimate single brand event. Keith Austin talks about the booming business of proprietary events and how taking them on the road can further enhance ROI.

Proprietary events may have originated in the US, but there’s no doubt that they are fast becoming big business across the globe as brands look to further raise awareness and drive sales among a captive audience.

Away from the ultra competitive exhibition hall, they offer 100% control and ownership. By focusing on one company or brand only, distractions from competitor and sponsor messaging are removed from the equation. As a result, proprietary events present a unique opportunity for businesses to take centre stage with customer engagement at a whole new level.

Proprietary events involve key business stakeholders and can take a myriad of forms from VIP client entertaining and networking to product demonstrations and training. Anyone in a brand’s food chain can be engaged to play a part, from partners and resellers to developers and app designers - the list really is endless. Ultimately, proprietary events are awareness and sales driven and as we move into 2013 I am expecting to see more of this type of single brand event because of the high ROI they deliver.

Schlumberger roadshowOur own experience shows that businesses are moving away from a rigid exhibition schedule and opting for a flexible solution that incorporates more exclusive one-to-one time with customers with events staged at client sites. I anticipate that proprietary events will evolve along these lines too as more companies recognise the value of taking their experience out on the road.

There’s no doubt that connecting with customers away from the competition is immensely effective, but if you really want to make your budget work harder and improve efficiency, hosting proprietary events in a mobile environment should be considered.

Here are three reasons why...


Mobility ensures that you can create an entirely flexible schedule, taking your experience virtually anywhere, anytime. Whether that means visiting customers on their doorstep or exploring new territories, the boundaries have been removed and the world is your oyster.

Make your investment go further

The cost of building an experience can be expensive so you need a real return on your investment and a one hit wonder isn’t usually the best way to achieve it. By taking your experience out on the road the bulk of the investment has been made up front, meaning the costs for subsequent events are reduced.

Make a difference

Innovation is key to driving better business so take a look at your sector and if everyone’s doing things the same, mobile proprietary events may help you to stand out.

If you are looking to create a bigger impact with real results in 2013 get in touch today.

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