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Mobile movie experiences that ‘kick butt’

From static images to 4D experiences, advances in modern technology have seen the mobile cinema experience evolve remarkably over the years.

The concept of mobile entertainment isn’t a new phenomenon – it actually dates back more than 100 years in the UK. A recent BBC documentary highlighted how some of the earliest pioneers would use a vehicle fitted with simple illustrations to deliver educational messages to local communities.

Fast-forward to the late 1960s and the Ministry of Technology had built seven custom mobile cinema units to tour the country on a campaign to 'raise standards' and promote British industry. Films were played within the cinema and supporting displays shown in an accompanying trailer, engaging audiences in a new and exciting way.

As movies themselves have evolved, so have mobile cinemas. More recent innovation has put 4D film centre stage, combining physical experiences with perfect 3D presentation. This has made it possible to create environments that are powerful, fully immersive and memorable, enthralling viewers like never before.

The concept is already well established in America, now we’ve been able to create the same experience on this side of the Atlantic for movie fans everywhere. A very recent project of ours involved generating pre-launch buzz and excitement ahead of the European release.

To achieve it, we built a 24-seat 4D mobile cinema, fully equipped with stadium seating, a giant 3D silver screen, cinematic sound system and ‘ButtKickers’ – technology that vibrates seats at key moments and makes viewers feel like they’re part of the movie.


San Andreas roadshowHaving a fantastic mobile cinema and movie trailer offers an opportunity to really take the storyline and put it under the noses of the consumers and that’s exactly what we do.

Our latest mobile cinema will travel thousands of miles, visiting countries across Europe to raise awareness of the movie and build anticipation. We are able to host screenings for 24 people every 30 minutes, making the trailer available to thousands of movie fans in different countries and giving them an exclusive taster ahead of its general release.

That is complemented with a highly targeted promotional and social media campaign for each location, getting people talking about the movie and providing them with content that’s interesting, engaging and therefore highly shareable.


Have you ever watched a trailer at the cinema and been inspired to watch that film at a later date? The chances are you have and that’s because the cinematic experience in a movie theatre captivates audiences and effectively transforms a film into a life event.

Roadshow for the LEGO movieThere are no distractions. Everything about the cinema is designed to provide viewers with a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience, from the lighting and the giant screen to the sound effects and the seating – it’s a captivating atmosphere. This is the environment we create and with a few extra special effects thrown in to put the viewer closer to the movie and allow them to make a deep and emotional connection with it.

Everything about the cinema trucks we create replicates the movie theatre experience – even the vehicle’s exterior is a moving billboard. It’s important to take every opportunity to promote the product and it certainly turns heads wherever it goes.


Our team of experts have been involved in several other movie roadshow campaigns in recent times, so if you want to be inspired or find out more about the clients we work with, please visit our Flickr gallery for inspiration.

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