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Mobile Innovation Centres - 5 Ways they can Improve your ROI

If you’re assessing the ROI of your existing fixed-site innovation or experience centre, there’s never been a better time to take a new approach.

Mobile innovation centres – which are rolled out through truck roadshows – are flexible and cost-effective when comparing to traditional static innovation centres.

They can be designed, fitted out and on the road far quicker than fixed facilities. Updates to your mobile innovation centre are fast and involve minimal costs compared to fixed facilities. With power outlets easily accessible and interchangeable interiors - mobile innovation centres are ideal for businesses regularly launching new products or services. And they’ve been proven to work across different industries and different regions, because their success is built on a universal truth: the enduring power of face-to-face experiences. 

Little wonder, then, that mobile customer experience centres continue to increase in popularity, especially after COVID-19 caused huge disruption to physical events. We’ve been delivering mobile customer experience centres for years, and global brands like Dräger and Duracell have already discovered the benefits. 

Here are five reasons why creating a mobile innovation truck might be the best move you make this year:

1. Increased reach

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19 and its long-term effects, travel bans remain in place and footfall at fixed sites has dropped dramatically. For certain industries, this makes potential prospects, partners and decision-makers difficult to access. The solution? Plan your mobile innovation tour to visit them directly, taking your products to their doorstep and reaching time-pressed individuals in a crucial face-to-face setting.

That’s certainly the approach Dräger took – and it paid huge dividends. Parking outside hospitals and other care facilities, it was able to demonstrate its medical equipment to senior health officials. The chance of those prospects visiting a fixed site elsewhere was remote, so Dräger’s mobile innovation centre proved invaluable.

2. Multiple locations

If your business operates across borders, the fixed location of a static centre will restrict your potential. Gathering all key customers in one place is almost impossible – especially when they are busy with their own concerns. But a mobile innovation centre solves this. It gives you control over when and where you meet your audience, allowing you to engage prospects at a time most aligned with your own strategic schedule. You could even use your mobile centre as the perfect teaser for promoting visits to a fixed customer experience centre.

3. Flexible spaces

Our team of mobile innovation truck designers has decades of experience creating flexible spaces that best suit a campaign’s specific objectives. Inside, AV and digital elements can be combined with live product demonstrations to generate interest and enthusiasm. So whether you’re attending large events, showcasing products or holding private gatherings for key customers, you control both the setting and the location – and have the freedom to create truly memorable experiences.

Dräger roadshow truck's hospital innovations

4. Improved ROIs

Budgets go further and results get better when you invest in a mobile customer experience centre. You eliminate the risk of losing your investment in an event that could be cancelled. You enjoy the flexibility of multi-use environments and interchangeable interiors. And you can target your customers with laser-like precision, taking your message confidently to your key prospects with personalized welcomes and tailored support.

5. COVID-secure

COVID-19 has disrupted both events and travel. Entire industries are still grappling with the pandemic’s consequences. Yet the move to virtual events isn’t always the best solution. A mobile innovation tour can be designed to include social distancing, cleaning stations, PPE and other COVID-secure elements. Duracell’s tour is a prime example of this approach – and it means face-to-face communication is back on the agenda. What’s more, if unexpected lockdowns occur tours can simply be re-routed for maximum commercial benefit.

To find out more about how EMS could help you plan, design and execute a market-leading mobile innovation centre, contact us today to get the details you need to promote the idea to your wider team.

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