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Middle East Brand Events: How to Maintain Face-to-Face Contact in Challenging Times

Anyone involved with Middle East event planning knows two things.

First, nowhere does spectacular exhibition stands quite like this dynamic region. Just think of the displays seen at GITEX and Arab Health as brands look to capitalize on the social media and PR buzz these events generate.

Second, face-to-face contact is the way business gets done across MENA. Relationships developed at key networking events create the trust and respect necessary for successful agreements.

But what do you do when the global exhibition industry faces the kind of catastrophic circumstances it has met in 2020? How do you put on a successful Middle East brand event capable of reaching targets in countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, Lebanon and Qatar?

Introducing the ultimate Middle East brand event

Since 2007 and our first MENA venture with Parker Hannifin, a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies, EMS has been one of the region’s leading roadshow truck experts. In fact, we’ve been the only roadshow truck company to have an office in the region – in Dubai’s Media City – since 2013.

SAP Product Launch Roadshow at EMS' Dubai office in Media City

Over that time, our dedicated MENA team has picked up the knowledge, understanding and sensitivity to become a key partner to global brands, Middle East event agencies and government departments. Even Royal families have turned to us for help. More than 150,000 guests visited our mobile archive of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah after it was launched at Al Jenadriyah.

At exhibitions, our trucks are proven to work as superb alternatives to stands. Or they can be driven direct to your audience, demonstrating your commitment and investment in the region while simultaneously building the necessary trust to reduce lengthy sales cycles.

The concept of a roadshow truck is relatively simple. It is a marketing vehicle that can be fitted to deliver the brand experience you need, wherever you need it. EMS offers a variety of vehicles built to Middle East specification and able to hold between 6 and 40 guests at once.

And while the execution of a successful roadshow campaign can be complex, the results can be spectacular.

Why choose a roadshow truck tour?

We use roadshow trucks to help our clients reach their target audience with key messages in an engaging and exciting manner. Roadshow trucks offer a range of benefits. They are:

  • COVID-secure, because you have complete control over them being safe and clean. PPE can be provided, and social distancing is planned in the customer journey.
  • Highly targeted, enabling you to take your brand message or product direct to pre-identified key individuals – wherever they are.
  • Quick and cost-effective, with only person needed on site and one-hour set-up times. You can also use the same truck over and over at as many sites as your campaign needs.
  • Consistent and controlled, with branding, key messages and visitor experiences all guaranteed to be delivered exactly as you wish.
  • Globally recognised. Of Interbrand’s 20 Best Global Brands 2019, 85% have invested in roadshow tours. EMS has delivered roadshow trucks to some of the world’s leading brands and creative agencies – including Adidas, Samsung, DHL, Ford, and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

Middle East event planning: how can a roadshow help?

Truck roadshows solve a range of business challenges at both private events and high-profile exhibitions. By sharing ideas face-to-face and giving guests a memorable experience, they forge brand loyalty and help to develop ongoing relationships. Among others, they are perfect for:

Parker Hannifin Product Demonstration Roadshow

  • Product launches
  • Product demonstrations
  • Sales / product training
  • B2B targeting
  • B2C targeting
  • Public health campaigns
  • Mobile innovation centres

We know that culturally, face-to-face is the most effective way to do business in the MENA region. So with events and exhibitions delayed, restricted or even cancelled, truck roadshows are fast becoming the only Covid-secure way to guarantee your message is delivered to the people who need to hear it.

What happens when you work with EMS?

From our Dubai office, we’ll work through a full fact-finding process designed to determine the right approach for your roadshow campaign. We’ll consider five key questions focused on your objectives, target audience, engagement strategy, ideal locations and ROI measurement.

Once we’ve gathered the necessary information, we can quickly move to delivery. We will always:

  • Activate your campaign quickly. Typical lead times are just six to eight weeks and, once your truck is fitted, it can be deployed at a moment’s notice – simply drive it to your chosen location!
  • Help you navigate international roadshows. Our specialist Operations team is experienced at taking trucks through Middle East borders, so you can always be confident you’ll get to where you need to be.
  • Supply the most suitable vehicle. We’ll make sure your truck is appropriate for the MENA region, with sufficient air conditioning and insulation built in (Middle East specifications differ significantly from European standards).
  • Provide an affordable way to revive your sales funnel and get back to face-to-face activity. Two-thirds of companies that exhibit at trade shows say Covid-related event cancellations have had a “detrimental impact” on their business. Roadshows get you back to doing what you do best.

So whether you’re looking for a way to spread your message, deliver a public health campaign or your brand is in the early stages of Middle East event planning, we’re here to help.

To find out more about how EMS is maintaining face-to-face business across the Middle East, contact our Dubai office today for a friendly, no-obligation discussion.

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