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Inspired technology for roadshow truck tours

The world of experiential marketing never fails to inspire, delivering a whole host of creative ideas that could work across a multitude of executions. As Production Manager here at EMS, I am responsible for the digital integration for live events. Having a comprehensive technical knowledge bank to delve into when we’re developing campaigns is vital when we are striving to take our roadshow trucks to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to engage a B2C or B2B audience, here are some of the latest ideas that have caught my eye and are generating a buzz in our sector:


As part of its latest 'Do us a Flavour' campaign, Walkers has been taking over bus stops across London to turn them into a UK first - ‘tweet-activated’ vending machines. Short clips feature Gary Lineker appearing to sit inside the bus stop vending machines, and people are encouraged to tweet Walkers - triggering a free packet of crisps from the machine. Intended to encourage people to engage with the brand and its new unique flavours of crisps, it’s a fascinating example of how technology and social media can work together.


To demonstrate the water resistance of its Galaxy S5, Samsung organised a stunt that dared people to jump into the freezing waters of Lake Zurich in Switzerland to take an underwater selfie. People sitting alongside the lake were approached by a scuba-diver, who handed them a ringing S5 phone. The caller dared them to jump into the lake to take a selfie underwater, and those who were game were given a free Galaxy 5 for their troubles. This is a great example of how well-planned and executed guerrilla activity can work with a well-timed element of surprise at a busy destination.


Throughout the summer, Nike has been running RISE - a campaign for talented basketball-loving kids. The latest phase of the campaign is hosted by LA Lakers Star Kobe Bryant at Nike's new state-of-the-art basketball facility in Shanghai Nike are always among the brands that take ingenuity to the next level and this campaign doesn’t fail to inspire. They have created the first LED basketball court, combining graphics, video and player-tracking to bring the concept to life. The court uses motion-tracking and reactive LED visualisation to train, guide and challenge the players. Interactive technology works exceptionally well in a truck environment and it would be it would be amazing to see this type of approach used inside one of our own vehicles.


Adidas has teamed up with Leo Messi for the new Messi boot collection campaign. To draw attention and generate excitement they created a pretty cool projection mapping installation that ran through the streets of Barcelona - on cars, footpaths and buildings. The result is simply stunning, it uses 20k, 10k, 7k, and 3k projectors fixed to cars, bikes and even a body harness to create the vision of Messi running through the city with iconic architecture in the background.

And finally…

I couldn’t write this blog without acknowledging a couple of recent advancements…face

Projection Mapping

We already have our eye on projection mapping technology and how it can work in a truck-based event, so we were in awe of Project Omote – a collaboration between Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asai and make-up artist Hiroto Kuwahara. They demonstrate a new, advanced real-time projection mapping process with dynamic makeup projections onto a live models face. The model almost looks completely CGI at times and the project shows how the quality of projection technology has dramatically improved.

App Tech

And in the world of the app, you can’t help but be inspired by ‘Traces’ which allows you to leave a message for someone that they can only pick up by traveling to the message's geographic location – what a way to create a buzz around an event day!

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Will Woolner

Will bridges the gap between ideas and reality. He draws on all his previous work in events and experiential productions to deliver the best possible environment in your vehicle. And while he is fully aware of the latest technology, he uses it with subtlety and finesse to support your customers’ experience – not lead it.

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