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Ideas For Targetting Summer Business: 5 Tips

Ideas For Targetting Summer Business: 5 Tips

Keith Austin talks about the imminent Olympic torch relay and how brands are using innovative routes to successfully target their summer audience.

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) has proposed that the Olympic Torch Relay route has been planned so that the flame will come within 10 miles of 95% of the people in the UK.

But how will those brands that are not official presenting partners benefit and keep up with the population? Some brands will have a real advantage if they have some kind of retailing presence on the high street, but what if you’re not one of them?

Samsung YWOG roadshowMobile Event Marketing could be the most innovative solution to target this captive audience prior, during and after the flame is igniting their imaginations.  

Our client Samsung recently engaged Event Marketing Solutions (EMS) to create, plan and deliver a European tour to bring to life their sponsorship with the Samsung Smart Cube.

Our challenge was to encourage consumers across Europe to do more than watch.  The Olympic Torch relay in May will attract millions of people over 70 days, but you could blink and miss it.

Brands can realise this “moment to shine” by developing a range of mobile experiences that add real value to consumers.

Samsung recognised this innovative approach, to create engagement they used one of Europe’s largest event experience trucks.   The 55m² mobile experience included new entertainment technology and augmented reality to drive interaction and awareness of their products.  It was a “theme park on wheels” with something for everyone.

I’ve highlighted 5 key areas that could help you inspire during the coming months.

1. Do it differently: 

Is everyone in your industry doing things the same way? Maybe there's an untapped need others are missing.

2. Be brave: 

We love exciting new things as consumers.

3. Listen to customers: 

If you feel short of creative inspiration, ask for an EMS ideas workshop.

4. Add unusual services: 

You don't have to be an inventor to be innovative - add an event experience that isn't traditionally offered in the sector.

5. Get behind your idea: 

If you’ve got an innovative product portfolio, put it out there this summer and promote it with all you've got.

If you have a desire to deliver real results this summer please get in touch as we’ll help you to achieve that one to one to the world.


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