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How To Get To Know Your Staff Better

How To Get To Know Your Staff Better

An article in Marketing Week reveals social media as the new kid on the block when it comes to internal communications campaigns.

It is clear that brands that have recognised the critical importance of employee engagement are still forging ahead in what has been an incredibly tough year. Motivated and informed staff who understand their vital role in a company’s success are key to survival and growth, but while social media is working for some, it’s far from the only innovative solution around.

Vehicle-based roadshow marketing has been incredibly effective for a number of big brands, including Barclays, M&S, Sky and Astra Zeneca to name just a few.

An internal communications campaign delivered in a bespoke, highly immersive mobile environment can often be the most cost effective way to interact and engage with hard-to-reach employees because it minimises downtime away from the desk.

For example, EMS working with agency Avvio, delivered a four-week Sky HD campaign across the UK that got 10,000 members of staff (70% of the workforce) out from behind their desks, successfully engaged with their message, motivated and back to work promoting HD to customers within 45 minutes.

EMS Managing Director Keith Austin comments “A growing number of big brands are moving to vehicle-based internal marketing roadshows because of their cost effectiveness - as they can dramatically reduce business downtime and staff travel time and costs.”

“The bespoke mobile environments we produce allow them to deliver a consistent message to all their people…wherever they are in the world, and increase the power of one to one engagement with their most precious asset - their people.”

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