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Holiday sales boost - driving family engagement

With the holiday season soon upon us mums and dads up and down the country will be looking for ways to keep the kids occupied and happy. For brands this presents a prime opportunity to raise awareness and drive engagement with products and services aimed at the family market.

There are some great examples out there of this type of campaign. More recently we saw how a shopping centre in Brisbane used Augmented Reality as part of an experiential campaign to engage with youngsters and families during the holiday period.

You can view the video of how it brought animated children's characters to life as a way to attract and involve children and their parents in the shopping centre. Participants could duel with a pirate, swim with fishes or fight-off a lion, live and on-screen. A small LED screen, webcam, video and animation, along with children interacting with it, were combined to make it work.

The shopping centre leveraged the event experience across its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels, further increasing customer engagement by getting shoppers to share their own photos of the experience.
This event certainly offered a chance for the shopping mall to stand out from the competition while providing added-value for visitors.

Roadshow truck tours that pack a punch with kids and parents alike are a proven way to boost sales during the lucrative holiday period. By taking centre stage on prime retail sites, brands can help stimulate extra sales by connecting with consumers as they shop on the high street.

Mobile showrooms provide a sophisticated environment that can be kitted out with the latest technology while ensuring the look and feel is consistent with the brand.

A great example of this is our work with the 20th Century Fox Blu-ray European Experience, which saw nearly 8,000 movie fans experience the benefits of blu-ray inside a truck. The tour created excitement by giving visitors the opportunity to star in famous movie trailers and then share their big screen moment with friends and family through social media.

Roadshow truck tours can be relatively quick to set up and deploy, get in touch today if you’d like to get a campaign out on the road in time for the busy August holiday period.

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