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Get on board the internal communication juggernaut

Keith Austin talks about how companies are breaking the mould and taking their message directly to the people to generate their results.

Put to one side your thoughts of the 1974 ‘Juggernaut’ blockbuster starring Richard Harris and Omar Sharif, a Juggernaut actually has is origins in Hindu worship. It’s a metaphorical force regarded as unstoppable or something that deserves blind devotion.

I’m not advocating that your employees should worship the brand they work for, but actually quite the reverse. Businesses should worship their people. Employee engagement programs are back in the spotlight as the best route to keep them truly motivated and informed.

We understand that evolved live communication campaigns can provide that motivation - cutting through the clutter, deeper engagement and better results. Traditional brands instantly think ‘conference’, but more of our international brands have chosen to pioneer their face to face events through our innovative truck based experiences (our very own version of a real juggernaut).

This could be due to the current austere climate, our audiences becoming savvier and their rejection of traditional communication. So, when could it be appropriate to use a truck as opposed to a hotel or conference venue?

I’ve put forward some of my own beliefs…

Worship them

It can be difficult to reach all your people when they have to come to you, and it’s not practical to invite all employees to an annual conference to hear your message. But you can deliver a more personal engaging message - quickly by taking your message to them. You minimise the impact on your business service, avoiding unnecessary staff travel costs and time and most importantly you get to connect with every stakeholder in your business.

Pray for the same

When you have regional events to deliver, you want to make sure the first event is exactly the same as the last. Conference venues vary from site to site so it’s difficult to achieve the same results every time. If you host your message in a branded vehicle, you can replicate the experience for every employee, by delivering a consistent business message at every site and country.

Forget preaching

We all know the business world doesn’t stop at 5pm, so how do you find a venue that allows you to connect with audiences that work unusual shift patterns. Roadshow truck campaigns allow you to engage with everyone and reach all staff no matter what hours they work by operating the truck the hours you need to, allowing you to reach 24 hour workforces.

Less is more

You can pack a punch at an annual conference when you have a large audience, but how can you connect them intimately and increase the power of human interaction. Get closer to your people and use the mobile environment to deliver a more intimate message to smaller audiences of 30-50, make them feel one to one with your brand.


Got something complex to launch and train on? Seeing is believing, but how can you create hands on demonstration zones when you are presenting to thousands? Raise product awareness and let your truck create excitement everywhere it goes, use the space to let staff have important hands on product experiences and trials.

Give back

CSR is high on everyone’s agenda, and moving all your people to a central country location to hear your message can be harmful to the environment. Reduce your footprint, be greener by taking the message to your people; avoid hundreds or thousands of staff having to travel off site to neutral locations to hear your message.

What’s more when you consider this activity to a conference or hotel venue you will be surprised how affordable vehicle-based roadshows can be.

You’ll be in good company too looking at the brands that have used this technique to train, motivate and communicate with their people.

Keith Austin

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Clarity of vision and years of big brand experience have helped Keith take EMS from start-up to market leader. The continual challenges he places on both the business and the team are keeping us in pole position, where we intend to stay.

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