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How To Keep Employees Engaged: 4 Tips

How To Keep Employees Engaged: 4 Tips

It’s often said that employees are a company’s greatest asset and that a fully engaged workforce results in increased productivity, a better working environment and ultimately a more successful business.

But executing an employee engagement strategy in a way that’s meaningful and resonates with everyone within the organisation is a challenge made even more difficult by the evolution of digital communications.

That’s because employees now expect to receive messages in way that mirrors the digital consumption trends they experience in their personal lives. Company intranets, emails, and e-newsletters are all tried and tested tactics, and more recently private

social network platforms like Yammer have been used to encourage more collaboration and better cohesion.Allianz employee roadshow

These tools and techniques are certainly effective but sometimes a message is just too important to rely on hitting the send button and hoping for positive open and click through rates.

Sharing the company’s mission, vision and values for example deserves much more than an email, so when it comes to those all-important messages, what can you do to make sure you really hit the mark?

Here are four tips to help you deliver internal narratives more effectively:

1. Get up close and personal

When you’ve got an important message to share, don’t just rely on the online tools at your disposal. Encourage business leaders to get out on the frontline themselves and share your message face-to-face.

Leaders play a critical role in setting the culture and tone of an organisation and putting them in direct contact with staff can help by engaging and inspiring the workforce.

Consider organising a series of leadership talks across your business locations. Your employees will appreciate the effort and it strengthens that crucial relationship between senior leaders and staff.

2. Create and innovate

Do something different. Employees have become so familiar with emails and message boards that their effectiveness has become questionable.

Try a new approach and give them something fresh and unexpected. Consider objects that allow your employees to engage with things physically instead of virtually for a change.

Interactive video displays, a sofa on the shop floor, or a talking table in the canteen are all great ways to get your employees talking amongst themselves and a designated space gives them a welcome distraction from the daily grind.

3. Add some excitement

Keep the message simple and add some fun. Employees engage much more with interactive tactics and if you can tell the story in a way that’s exciting, they’re much more likely to remember it.

Connecting with them on an emotional level and giving them an experience that provokes a reaction is a recipe for success.

4. Let your staff tell the story

People love to hear real-life stories from people they know, so why not outline your company’s story and let the employees tell it themselves?Sky internal communications roadshow

Interview people in different departments and at different levels across the organisation. Let your business live and breathe its core values through the words of your employees and turn them into your very own brand advocates.

How a tailored roadshow truck could help

Sometimes taking your employees out of the work environment and into something completely new is the best way to really deliver your message.

No distractions and no time restraints, just your own dedicated space that’s fully immersed in the narrative you need it to be, whether that’s communicating organisational goals, delivering bespoke training or showing off the company’s latest products.

At EMS we’ve helped some of the world’s leading brands deliver effective internal communications campaigns that result in emotional, intellectual and social engagement, utilising our range of roadshow marketing trucks.

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