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Engaging pop up experiences that really move

There’s no escaping the fact that pop-ups are everywhere. You’ve only to take a walk around the shopping district of most cities around the world to see a temporary sign and fit-out that you can’t resist peering in to.

The format is fast becoming mainstream and has been adopted by most sectors from retail and food to technology. Whether they are looking to launch a new brand, trail a new store format, demonstrate a new product or simply use the format for a publicity stunt, the pop-up provides a great opportunity to stand-out. 

North Face set up a pop-up in South Korea with a dressing room that spun around to unbeknown customers – enabling them to enter an ice cold room complete with snow, in which they were presented with a task to win various prizes which included their amazing jackets. It’s an inspiring example of how experiential pop ups can be.

Sadly, whilst the inherent nature of a pop-up gives brands the benefit of creating urgency, better brand exposure and a different sales edge there are hidden downsides to consider. Leasing properties can be complex, time consuming and a legal headache and then there are multiple fit outs to take into consideration too if your campaign is going national. Other risks include location and flexibility, once you’ve committed to a site there’s no going back if your customers aren’t biting.

Having said this we are still a fan of the pop up model – but our solution has a winning key ingredient, it’s mobile.

Samsung Pop-up showroomWe work with lots of brands who endorse this popular format. We toured the Samsung retail experience for several years – a pop up showroom to educate and promote the benefits of their Smart TV’s. We have also worked with Aston Martin to deliver a pop-up retail experience at high profile UK locations as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations.

Why we believe ‘mobile pop ups’ are here to stay …

Value for money

With only one fit out to pay for you can make your budget literarily go extra miles by visiting more sites or broadening your campaign to new markets. That’s the beauty of mobile pop ups - the number of locations your brand can visit can be endless.

Pack a punch

When you’re a fixed pop up store amongst a row of other big retail brands it’s hard to get the stand out you hoped for. When your pop up experience is presented inside a giant truck it’s fair to say it’s impossible to ignore and you can guarantee its originality will draw the crowds.

Road test

Opting for a mobile pop up solution limits the investment risk and allows you to test specific markets and audience reaction to your products. It gives you the ultimate flexibility to follow the cash and position your brand the best locations. 

For mobile pop up inspiration, here are some of our industry favourites

The Very Beauty Tour has been popping-up in locations across the UK. What’s great about this example is its pre-publicity, which has seen people in the locality alerted to the tour’s arrival through text from their network provider.

Wrigley’s Gumergency campaign featured a pop-up element too with branded trucks appearing in Toronto and Vancouver to raise awareness of its Excel brand.

With Christmas around the corner there’s never been an easier way to quickly boost business and reach audiences face to face far and wide. To find out how your brand could benefit from a mobile pop-up experience, get in touch today.

Keith Austin

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Clarity of vision and years of big brand experience have helped Keith take EMS from start-up to market leader. The continual challenges he places on both the business and the team are keeping us in pole position, where we intend to stay.

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