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Engaging experiences inside and out

The most memorable roadshow events capture the imagination of visitors throughout the whole experience – from initial interactions right through to stepping off the truck.

There’s no getting away from the fact that first impressions count, and vehicles wrapped in eye-catching graphics or entertainment located directly outside work to entice and excite visitors about what is inside.

We’re always on the lookout for the next innovation or technological breakthrough that will take an event to the next level. And Happy Interaction is just that.

Samsung retail roadshow

Used mainly in the retail environment to help bridge the gap between the instore and online experience, Happy Interaction is transforming shop windows into a memorable brand experience and stopping passers-by in their tracks. It enables retail brands to capture data and deliver personalised content through multi-touch and gesture responsive screens on store front windows.

This presents a huge opportunity for revolutionising the exterior of a roadshow truck, providing an attention-grabbing and personalised experience from the outset.

As well as providing the capability to host rich brand and product or service focused content, it also offers the means for visitors to connect with the online world – sharing their experiences socially – and enables businesses to capture feedback and live responses.

Once inside a roadshow tour truck, visitors can be engaged on several levels. Here are three of our favourite sure-fire ways to deliver an exceptional experience once you’ve encouraged your audience to jump on board:


Delivering live product demonstrations is one of the key reasons brands take to the road and it’s easy to see why. Letting visitors feel and touch, and get hands-on with a product or service is one of the most effective ways of bringing a brand to life and driving your audience to connect on a more personal level.


The attraction of gaming isn’t just for teenager boys. Creating an area to play either for fun or to encouraging a competitive spirit is a great way to engage visitors with a campaign and extend their dwell time. This may mean using a screen that responds to gesture or installing driving simulators – like we did for a leading malt drinks brand in the Middle East – but whatever form it takes by encouraging participants to share their performance socially will certainly extend awareness of a campaign once the tour is over.


Long gone are the days when roadshow trucks were stacked high with shelving and leaflets. Today huge HD touch screens, the latest laptops and mobile devices can help bring your brand and product or service alive in a more engaging format than more simple graphic-led information displays. Used as an information source, means to connect with your social channels online or as a feedback mechanism, by equipping visitors with the latest technology you can be sure that campaign engagement will reach the next level.

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