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Engaging and empowering staff through roadshows

Employee engagement and ensuring effective communication with staff has never left the HR spotlight. And as more employers move towards auto-enrolment pensions, there has been renewed focus on developing a strategy that encompasses clear and segmented messaging delivered directly to colleagues, regardless of their location.

The topic was recently discussed in HR Magazine with Karen Heath - chief engagement officer at pension communications firm Anthony Hodges Consulting - who highlighted how a “head office centric” approach can lead to staff in separate locations feeling disengaged.

She went on to discuss the importance of a campaign rooted in analysis and research, and how segmented communications, rather than a blanket-style approach, is key to success.

Communicating with a large and geographically dispersed team can be fraught with barriers. But roadshow truck tours have proven to provide an effective solution, offering a way to communicate and engage staff with internal change or initiatives face-to-face - with minimal downtime and disruption to business.

As well as enabling one-to-one communication in a more intimate environment than a large conference venue, the nature of a roadshow means that it can also provide opportunities to deliver different messages to different groups, at the most convenient times, and without the need for high travel or accommodation costs. 

Here are our top three considerations for using roadshows effectively:

Timing is everything

We all know that the business world doesn’t stop at 5pm. Consider the working habits of your workforce to enable maximum reach with minimal disruption. Roadshow truck campaigns can enable you to engage with everyone and communicate with all staff no matter what hours they work by operating the truck the hours you need to, allowing you to reach 24-hour workforces.

Less is more

You can pack a punch at an annual conference when you have a large audience, but sometimes you need to adapt a message for different staff groups or connect more intimately and increase the power of human interaction. Consider if you need to get closer to your people and how a mobile environment could provide a solution – do you need people to feel one-to-one with the message and brand? Could a truck provide the captive environment that you need to engage smaller audiences of say 30 to 50?


If you have a more complex message, or have something you need to launch or provide training on, consider taking an innovative approach – could you support video messages or literature with product demonstration or trial zones? Or even include fun interactive game stations to help motivate and engage staff that little bit more.

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