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Employee engagement and the power of human touch

The challenge of recruiting and retaining the best people to businesses was described as a ’war for talent’ in the years before the financial crisis, with brands fighting to attract and keep hold of capable employees.

In the years that followed, it seemed the emphasis on employee retention had faded, but new evidence suggests the balance is shifting once more with the need to retain top talent high on C-suite agendas.

Keeping staff positively engaged and focused on a business’s values and objectives is at the heart of successful retention and internal communications plays a critical role in achieving it. Employees who feel valued can actively contribute more towards the success of the business they work for, and there’s an argument that the need for brands to make sure employees understand the mission, vision and values of their employer is stronger than ever.

Cultivating that understanding, driving positive engagement and boosting workplace motivation requires a solid employee engagement strategy and, in my experience, the very best of these always includes one thing – a human touch.

Interaction is at the heart of engagement

Sky's Internal Communications trailerNothing beats face-to-face human interactions – they allow emotional connections to be made between individuals and ensure meaningful dialogue can take place without distractions.

A recent roadshow project involved sharing the company’s vision with employees right across the business – the objective was to do it in a way that would really resonate. We transformed one of the vehicles from our fleet of roadshow trucks into an almost theatre-like environment that was both entertaining and informative for its employees.

The messages we were sharing weren’t new – they had been in circulation internally already – but they were delivered differently. It was fascinating to see that – when we analysed the results – the majority of the employees involved thought they’d heard completely new information, with many having no recollection of seeing it before.

It underlines the need for internal communicators to deliver messages in ways that are interactive, engaging and that deliver experiences that are memorable. The human touch is without doubt the best way to execute this.

The 360-degree environment we created with our roadshow truck included a game show set-up. It was different. It helped create conversations – plenty of them and – by thinking differently and delivering the message in a unique and interesting way – we were able to shift perceptions of the brand and ensure that everyone involved felt part of the bigger picture.

Positive disruption 

Allianz TV employee experienceTaking your employees out of a day-to-day work environment and into something unique and immersive has often proved to be a fantastic way to deliver important messages. It resonates.

New experiences like this - that break ‘the norm’ - create suspense and an interest, which in turn helps brands to secure their employee’s attention. They also generate dialogue and two-way discussion.

The campaigns we’ve helped to deliver make it possible to do all this in a way that causes minimum disruption to the business – a key objective for any campaign – and from experience we know it always stirs up a bit of excitement when a giant mobile display vehicle pulls into the company car park!

Talk to us about your internal communications objectives

Traditional tools like emails and company newsletters serve a purpose but sometimes a message is just too important to rely on passive media, and when it comes to keeping hold of your best employees, you need something that’s as impressive as it is effective.

At EMS we’ve helped some of the world’s leading brands deliver award-winning internal communications and employee engagement campaigns utilising our range of roadshow marketing trucks.

To find out more, take a look at our Employee Commuications section or get in touch with the team.

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