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Cutting-through a digital world: how to achieve 53% customer conversion

We live in a technologically driven world. There’s no doubt about it – it follows us everywhere (literally, if we’re talking about GPS, location services, remarketing…). Those companies that continue to use new tech solutions now will be the ones that survive the future, and we’ve seen what happens to those that deny it.

Where does Blockbuster fit in a world with Netflix, for example? We’re living on a planet that we couldn’t have imagined 10, 15 years ago, with everyday life being enhanced at every turn – from driverless taxis taking to the streets, to pizza delivered by drone and, of course, everyone’s newest housemate, Alexa. You’d be forgiven for believing that the machines are taking over. But fear not, for the brands behind the technology, and those that are using it, don’t exist in the digital world alone, and neither do their consumers.

Snapchat Spectacles, as seen in The GuardianThis is proven by the likes of Facebook, which recently funded a physical experiential event in London to bring to life online safety challenges faced by young people. It’s proven by Snapchat, which opened a series of pop-up shops in the world’s most lucrative shopping districts to sell nothing but ‘Spectacles’ through a vending machine. It’s why marketing agencies are jumping onto the trend of developing experiential divisions to work alongside digital, social and traditional forms of marketing.

Even the leading digital businesses recognise that not everything can be at its most powerful when it is only available online. When there’s an important message to shout about, it is much clearer to hear in person. Realising the potential of experiential is creating a movement towards more traditional marketing methods. We’re seeing brands achieve cut-through by rewinding the clock – going beyond the digital world to get face-to-face with their consumers. It’s about more than raising brand awareness, it about achieving results.

Research by Momentum Worldwide suggests that hosting an event versus distributing an advert gets 82 percent of participants talking about a brand. 62 per cent of participants will then go on to research a brand online. 65 per cent will change the way they view a brand, and 53 per cent will go out and choose that brand at point of purchase.

To read the full article wrote in Brand Quarterly's Experience Edition, head over to their magazine here.

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