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Creating on-board engagement that leaves you feeling inspired, excited and optimistic

Each and every day we are touched and immersed in several different environments from our personal space at home and wrapped in our own thoughts while taking a walk in the park to the shared office and bustling stores on the High Street.  

We take from them and engage with them in very different ways, all dependent on our mood, what we’re there to achieve and how much each environment actively seeks to grab our attention.

A core element of planning a roadshow truck tour is how a campaign is brought to life when visitors jump on board; how we can influence their experience while they’re there as well as what they take away with them.

Experiential Interior Design

And every now and again I read something which makes me think twice about the business we are in. Demonstrated most recently by an article that explores imagination and how it can be applied to an office environment.

You can read the article in full – and engross yourself in the fantastic illustrations - here.

The author comments “You can earn a wage anywhere, but if you could work in an environment where you can feel inspired, excited and optimistic that’s a vastly more enticing and attractive scenario isn’t it?”

This concept applies to our own world too. You can set up a mobile showroom anywhere, but it’s the environment you create on-board that will entice a visitor to engage with a brand and feel ‘inspired, excited and optimistic’ about it.

Advances in technology have made this job a little easier, providing a myriad of techniques that we can work with creatively to capture the imagination and drive a message harder.

20th Century Fox event trailer

Augmented Reality can attract attention and 3D video can be used to facilitate education or training while QR codes can help fuse the real and online worlds as well as bring a brochure to life by encouraging interaction.

Through innovative pressure-sensitive ‘touch’ technology you can use the walls, floor or furniture to elevate the experience and create a magical finish to any event. And for real impact, use interactive product displays that give the illusion of the product floating in mid-air.

Of course, creating impact isn’t just about using the latest technology. By considering the overall effect you want to create, you can cleverly use paint and other materials to define or highlight certain areas. The use of back lights and reflective polish furnishings can also help transform your environment.

We’ve dug out some of our favourite roadshow truck interiors, which use imagination and flair to inspire and excite visitors on-board.

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