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Creating impactful exteriors that turn heads

Having designed, painted and wrapped thousands of roadshow trucks on behalf of many leading brands, we can appreciate the time and manpower that it takes to create an impactful vehicle exterior.

We’ve recently been wowed by a project by Emirates which gives us a sneaky peak behind-the-scenes at what goes on when they strip and repaint one of their passenger planes, taking graphic application to the next stage.

They take us inside Emirates’ paint hanger at Dubai International Airport, where dozens of workers strip down and repaint a Boeing 777 passenger plane over 13 days – all compressed into a stunning two-minute time lapse deo.

The video depicting Emirates’ own way of graphic removal and replacement makes for fascinating viewing and demonstrates the work and effort that goes into such a mammoth task. Apparently the airline completed 21 of these revamps last year alone. 

We don’t quite need a team of 30 working round the clock to strip and wrap one of our trucks, but there’s no doubt that it’s a comparable marathon task which demands a hands-on approach as well as expertise in design, paint matching and graphic alignment messaging. And where we don’t have the required skills in-house, we have built a network of leading suppliers to deliver inspiring first-class finishes.

The pressure mounts for some tours - such as that for Barbican in Dubai - where we are required to undertake the full graphic application while in the field.

Like the Emirates’ example, the end result isn’t just about looking good. Practicalities count too. This may include being able to withstand extreme temperatures, from the sub-freezing Russian climate to the baking heat of the Middle East. Or having the flexibility to frequently amend graphics while on tour to reflect changing cultures or languages.  

The exterior of a roadshow truck is one of a campaign’s vital components. As well as drawing attention when static and being one of the first experience’s a visitor will have with a campaign, it also must be instantly recognisable as the brand it represents and act as a moving billboard while in transit. 

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