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How To Improve High Street Sales This Christmas

How To Improve High Street Sales This Christmas

Keith Austin talks about the power of consumer engagement that high street roadshows can deliver for brands when shelf space is competitive during the festive season.

Retail distribution can be highly competitive at Christmas. In order to drive product awareness and hands on demonstrations many brands are boosting their success with the help of vehicle based roadshows. These highly sophisticated mobile showrooms are helping to stimulate extra sales by connecting products with consumers as they shop on the high street.

With prime retail sites such as Covent Garden, Liverpool ONE and Birmingham Bullring boasting average footfalls of around 200,000 visitors per day over Christmas, there is no better time to take your campaign on the road and create a unique mobile brand experience.

As the festive season approaches, I’ve been thinking about some of our most inspired seasonal campaigns. Here are my personal favourites:

The SanDisk Experience roadshow engaged 11,415 consumers over a three-week campaign, maximising opportunities for hands-on customer trials with a new range of MP3 players. In the run up to Christmas, more than 350 one-to-one live product demonstrations were achieved across 12 major cities in the UK and France.

Nearly 8,000 movie fans experienced the benefits of blu-ray when the 20th Century Fox Blu-ray European Experience roadshow hit Europe. The tour, which visited 32 major destinations across four European countries over eight weeks, created excitement by giving visitors the opportunity to star in famous movie trailers and then share their big screen moment with friends through social media. More than 6,000 online views were recorded worldwide in the first three months of the campaign.

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