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Captivating an audience with a roadshow

Keith Austin shares his tips on how to captivate an audience using the latest roadshow techniques and technologies.

To remain the best, brands must continually innovate, refusing to do the same things with the same level of performance expectation.

When it comes to roadshows, long gone are the days of literature racks and PowerPoint presentations in a soulless blank box. Mobile shells are now providing highly engaging bespoke environments, enabling organisations to truly captivate an audience with their business, message and brand.

When it comes to vehicle-based roadshows here are just a few ways that your campaigns can break the mould using some of the latest techniques and technologies.

20th Century Fox roadshow

Social media: Integrating social media with a live event can widen the reach of your campaign as well as lengthen the experience. By giving people a reason to share your message you can help drive conversations before, during and after the event. Don’t forget the impact of imagery or video to further engage your audience, and ensure that you monitor throughout to capture the extent of your campaign. Take 20th Century Fox – they used green screen technology to make retailers the stars of their own movie trailer. Their personal movie trailer went straight to their inbox and as a result, their message effortlessly went global when visitors shared it via social media.

Augmented Reality: AR is a high impact and effective roadshow marketing tool. The opportunities for capturing an audience are vast – from creating standout with 2D video, which presentations simply cannot match, to facilitating education or training on new products. It’s easy to focus on the audience inside your truck, without a thought for the world outside, but a great example of taking AR outside the vehicle is an experience created for Samsung - sophisticated motion sensitive techniques were used to display the AR show going on inside the vehicle on the external walls of the trailer.

QR codes: QR fuses the real and online worlds, and can help bring a more traditional brochure message to life and encourage interaction. By using mobile devices, QR codes give visitors the facility to access additional information, videos, reviews or technical specifications.

Touch technology: Through innovative pressure-sensitive technology you can really bring your environment to life. Use the walls, floor or furniture to elevate the experience and create a magical finish to any event.

Interactive product displays: If you want to give your products real impact, use interactive product displays that give the illusion of the product floating in mid air.

Inspiring finishes: Creating impact isn’t just about using the latest technology. By considering the overall effect you want to create, you can make clever use of paint and other materials to define or highlight certain areas. For example, by using paint that absorbs colour in some areas, combined with materials finished in metallic paint, you can give products a halo-like glow. The use of back lights and reflective polish furnishings can also help transform your environment.

If you are planning a roadshow event, get in touch to see how you can push the boundaries, be bolder and more innovative in your approach.

Keith Austin

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Clarity of vision and years of big brand experience have helped Keith take EMS from start-up to market leader. The continual challenges he places on both the business and the team are keeping us in pole position, where we intend to stay.

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