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Can the retail experience truly do justice to your connected brand?

Can the retail experience truly do justice to your connected brand?

Amongst all the new technologies and product innovation on display at this year’s IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, what struck me most was the emphasis many leading technology brands are now placing on selling lifestyles over individual products.

It’s hard not to mention Apple when you think of a lifestyle brand – it practically embodies the term. Everything Apple develops is designed to fit its brand ethos and the brand is designed to fit its target market, enabling it to create a loyal consumer following and an army of devoted advocates.

It’s a position many other brands strive to achieve and for a number of companies at this year’s exhibition, the adopted narrative was around ‘connected experiences’, promoting a sought after lifestyle centred on a collection of flagship products.

Within an exhibition environment, it’s possible to create a desirable lifestyle experience by enticing and intriguing a multitude of senses to forge an emotional connection with consumers. But when other retailers or department stores are selling your products, your goods will be mixed in with many others and the power to differentiate your brand and influence buyer opinions and behaviours is out of your control. For retailers it’s about category and choice, for brands it’s more and more about connectivity, and therein lies the challenge.

Recreating your exhibition on the road

NEFF roadshow trailerSo how can you harness the power of an exhibition space when you don’t have your own designated high street presence? We believe one of the best ways to create sought after lifestyle experiences is to put your exhibition on wheels and take it directly to your target market.

Having your own mobile showroom makes it possible to put all of your hero products together in a space that’s fully immersed in your brand’s personality and values. There’s no better way to influence purchasing decisions than by getting products into consumers’ hands, and when you can do that in an environment you’ve created it’s even more powerful.

One leading consumer technology client I worked with on a recent campaign used their exhibition truck to target consumers across the UK and France with a range of flagship products. The results were as impressive as the exhibition itself, reaching more than 11,000 consumers and featuring 350 product demonstrations across a three-week period.

Creating positive disruption

Samsung mobile retail trailerAn added benefit with a mobile exhibition is that you can quite literally pick it up and take it anywhere. With the help of our team, it’s possible to take up residence in high streets, outside of arenas or at popular landmarks right across the world.

It’s one thing to create a lifestyle experience within an exhibition, but you still need consumers to engage with it. Some of the vehicles in our fleet offer up to 55 square meters of exhibition space, so when one of them arrives on the high street, it makes a real impact and it’s difficult to ignore.

Putting it into practice

Cinetransformer retail trailerAny business can harness the power of mobile live event marketing with the right support and, executed successfully, it can leave a lasting, brand-focused impression and a lifestyle experience that will resonate across your target markets long after the event has finished.

If your brand could benefit from the exposure of a mobile exhibition as we enter the peak retail season, take a look at our Flickr page for more inspiration or get in touch with the team for a free consultation.

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